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Like other academic essay types, the synthesis essay also primarily requires a good essay topic to deal with. But, do you think it is easy to search and find the best synthesis essay topics worthy of an A+ grade? Definitely Not!

Synthesis Essay Topics

In general, gathering a wide range of ideas and choosing one specific topic for an essay is a tedious process that requires a lot of time, effort, and skills, particularly, when you are given an option to choose the essay topic on your own. Hence, to help you to identify the best synthesis essay topic, here, in this blog post, we have shared a few tips for essay topic selection and also have listed the top synthesis essay topics and ideas to consider for writing top-scoring assignments.

So, why are you still waiting? Quickly dive in and get the important ideas for writing a brilliant synthesis essay.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a type of essay that collects information from numerous sources to generate a new idea, question, or argumentative thesis. When it comes to writing a synthesis essay on a particular prompt or topic, as a writer, you should present your subjective opinion and then attempt to use objective evidence and external data to argue your point.

Often, the essay is written in a standard 5- paragraph structure by explaining or arguing something original, after analyzing several ideas, data, and evidence from a series of sources. The structure of the synthesis essay will contain the essential components such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Even though the formatting is more or less the same, the synthesis essays are classified into two types- Explanatory and Argumentative Synthesis Essays.

The ultimate aim of the explanatory synthesis essay type is to use different sources to explain a particular point of view. This paper will highlight the similarities and differences between ideas but will never try to persuade the readers. On the other hand, the argumentative synthesis papers will be in the same structure as an argumentative essay where the thesis of the essay will argue a certain point.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is said to be great only when you explain or prove a larger point to your readers by taking them through a series of ideas and relevant sources. If you are assigned a task to write an informative synthesis essay, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps one by one.

  1. First, identify a topic you are passionate about.
  2. Perform extensive research on the selected topic by referring to various credible sources available on the internet and library. The research will help you develop a strong point of view supported by concrete information.
  3. Sketch an outline highlighting how each of your sources is related to your theme or idea.
  4. Draft an engaging introduction with brief background information about the topic and a strong thesis statement to grab the attention of your audience. The thesis statement should clearly state your point of view or argument.
  5. Develop body paragraphs by including a topic sentence, relevant supporting sentences, and a transition sentence.
  6. Wrap the essay with a conclusion paragraph that contains a brief summary of your entire work, your thesis restatement, and your final impression of the central theme or idea.
  7. Finally, proofread the entire essay content and edit the errors in it before submitting your synthesis essay.

Synthesis Essay Topics

Synthesis Essay Topic Selection Tips

As said above, identifying an essay topic is the first step in the synthesis essay writing process. Usually, the professors will allocate a list of synthesis essay topics for you to choose from. But sometimes they will ask you to choose your own topics. In such a scenario, from the endless list of topics available, choosing one particular essay topic might be difficult.

Hence, when you are asked to select a synthesis essay topic of your preference, make sure to keep the following tips in mind during essay topic selection.

  1. The synthesis essay topic you choose should be interesting to you and it should support you to conduct extensive research.
  2. Avoid choosing a topic that is too general or frequently discussed by many students.
  3. The topic should be debatable.
  4. It is good to choose a topic that you have strong knowledge of because it will not consume too much of your time and effort.
  5. The essay topic should be reasonable to research and should have options for negotiable improvement and potential for change.
  6. The topic should be informative to the readers and it should have a wide scope to perform deep research for gathering more information.

List of Synthesis Essay Topics and Ideas

List of Synthesis Essay Topics

For your convenience, here, we have compiled a list of the best synthesis essay topics in various categories such as art and literature, global warming, education, justice, social media, society, technology, and so on.

Go through the complete list of ideas and pick any topic that you are passionate about.

Interesting Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. How scholarships help poor students get higher education
  2. Have advanced communication mediums made communication easier or difficult?
  3. How did World War II affect Germany?
  4. Explain the role of invasive species
  5. Pros and cons of patriarchy and matriarchy
  6. How college education helps in getting a job at a reputable organization
  7. Why advertising should not target kids
  8. How saving money help you become rich
  9. Professional sports are a substitute for exercises
  10. How to encourage kids to do more social work?
  11. The chaotic deforestation culture is affecting global agriculture
  12. Why is war never an option to solve conflicts?
  13. The benefits of getting an arts education
  14. Does life exist somewhere besides Earth?
  15. How flying cars reduce the average number of accidents on a daily basis
  16. Does real love still happen in the world?
  17. How can we control internet pornography?
  18. The role of security cameras in the betterment of society
  19. What causes the divorce rate to increase in the past few years?
  20. Is space exploration vital to the survival of humankind?
  21. Describe the impact of the Civil War on African Americans
  22. Critical analysis of Mongol invasions and conquests
  23. Why the Second Congo War is considered one of the deadliest wars in history?
  24. Discuss the benefits of vocational training and education
  25. How do professional courses help to get a job with high pay?
  26. Social media sites are responsible to make people less social – Explain
  27. Discuss the factor affecting the standard of black beauty and African American girls’ self-representation
  28. How Facebook is becoming a threat to people’s privacy?
  29. Technology made cheating in examinations easy – Explain
  30. Discuss the impact of online games on the young generation

Synthesis Essay Topics on Art and Literature

  1. Truth and Fiction- A comparative analysis.
  2. The role of art in everyday life
  3. Should electronic libraries completely substitute brick-and-mortar libraries?
  4. How musical training affects attentiveness and concentration on learning?
  5. Should TV commercials be treated as art?
  6. Does fiction promote progress or distract people from social and environmental issues they need to solve now?
  7. Are modern graphic video games works of art?
  8. Is reading a paper book better than listening to an audiobook?
  9. Should graffiti be considered artwork?
  10. How does musical training affect attentiveness and concentration on learning?
  11. How do societal characteristics impact the evolution of cinematography?
  12. Why physical libraries are better than electronic libraries?
  13. Evolution of graffiti art
  14. Critical analysis of Roman art and literature
  15. Discuss the impact of literature on a child’s language development
  16. How do classical art and graphics help children develop creativity?
  17. Why advertising is considered art?
  18. Discuss the factors that help to identify the best piece of art
  19. Compare and contrast folk art and digital art
  20. Discuss the strategies to preserve traditional art and folk craft

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Synthesis Essay Topics on Education

  1. How does class size affect students’ academic performance?
  2. How do dress codes affect students’ academic performance?
  3. Should higher education be free?
  4. How do racial prejudices affect annual college admissions?
  5. Should teachers of K-12 schools be allowed to carry firearms on campuses?
  6. How a school-to-prison pipeline affects the African American community?
  7. Should college athletes be paid for their performance?
  8. Does technology represent a threat to the traditional classroom?
  9. Impact of racial prejudice on college admission.
  10. Distance education and its impact on the on-campus college students.
  11. Is technology a barrier to learning?
  12. Can divorce affect the academic performance of children?
  13. Is homework useful?
  14. How do social media affect the educational performance of students?
  15. Should institutions allow students to direct their education?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Ethics and Morality

  1. Nature versus Nurture- Share your viewpoint
  2. How much control do people have over their future?
  3. Convicted felons and their voting rights
  4. How complaining affects people’s sense of happiness?
  5. Should governments all over the world demand circuses to be animal-free?
  6. Is talent more important than hard work when one wants to succeed?
  7. Is it ethical to breed genetically engineered animals?
  8. Should people care about the health and working conditions of those who make their clothing?
  9. Should people consider a business’s sustainability before buying its products?
  10. Can people become happier by accumulating wealth and stuff?

Global Warming Synthesis Essay Ideas

  1. The contribution of air pollution to global warming.
  2. The effects of global warming on farming.
  3. The conservation efforts in securing terrestrial species from extinction due to global warming.
  4. Does the usage of fossil fuels contribute to global warming?
  5. The contribution of the American lifestyle to global warming.
  6. How can the USA be a leader in addressing the issue of global warming?
  7. How did climate change affect people’s lifespans within the last 50 years?
  8. Global warming and renewable sources of energy.
  9. How global warming contributes to marine species extinction?
  10. How does global warming threaten the population of Monarch Butterflies?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Health and Medicine

  1. Testing drugs on animals- Is this ethical?
  2. Legalizing Marijuana in the USA- What is your viewpoint?
  3. Free medical services for every US citizen.
  4. Insurance coverage of cosmetic surgeries- Discuss your viewpoint.
  5. How does the fact that US citizens go to other countries for healthcare services describe the US healthcare system?
  6. Should insurance cover alternative medicines?
  7. Can everyday routine activities help people improve their health and avoid seeing a doctor?
  8. The adverse impact of sugary drinks on human health- Role of the US government in banning it
  9. How sustainable is the current US healthcare system?
  10. The effects of poverty on the health of children

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Synthesis Essay Topics on Immigration and Culture

  1. How culture promotes gender inequality in American society?
  2. The effects of immigration on the US economy
  3. What does it take to become color blind?
  4. Do illegal immigrants limit employment opportunities for US citizens?
  5. How achievable is the American Dream for an average American today?
  6. How do mainstream body standards affect the behaviors of minority boys and girls?
  7. Should schools increase racial diversity among teachers to promote equality in culturally diverse classrooms?
  8. How to take the culture of online shaming under control?
  9. How can racially diverse communities promote cultural understanding between representatives of different racial groups?
  10. Should the US government limit immigration?

Justice Synthesis Essay Ideas

  1. Are poor people more likely to end up in prison than the rich?
  2. How to resolve the issue of prison overcrowding?
  3. Should the US justice system seek to punish offenders or rehabilitate them?
  4. Why are African American males over-represented in the US justice system?
  5. Is it correct to legalize prostitution or should it be illegal?
  6. What representatives of the justice system can do to prevent mass shootings at schools?
  7. Should the US Constitution be treated as a living document or should it be interpreted literally?
  8. Is it correct to legalize prostitution or should it be illegal?
  9. Are the existing checks and balances still effective in preventing power abuse by one of the branches of government?
  10. Does the three strikes law disproportionately affect racial minorities?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Society

  1. Should parents forbid their children to watch violent content?
  2. Death penalties implementation in the developed countries
  3. How does the modern workplace affect the behavior of minority workers?
  4. Should voting be mandatory in the USA?
  5. How should educators and legislators deal with representatives of minority groups who do not conform to mainstream behavior patterns?
  6. Do national security concerns justify the transformation of the USA into a surveillance society?
  7. Does modern US society support women as much as it supports men?
  8. Is college education a necessity in the context of contemporary employment patterns?
  9. Does the contemporary juvenile justice system contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline?
  10. Should people make the production and sale of tobacco illegal?

Technology Synthesis Essay Prompts

  1. Does technology promote the culture of entertainment?
  2. How has technology changed because of the development of artificial intelligence?
  3. Does artificial intelligence contribute to the problem of overproduction?
  4. Modern technology and the concept of smart cities: How changes in transportation systems will affect the cities?
  5. What threats do drones represent to personal privacy?
  6. Advancement in technology in the last 5 years
  7. Is technology really helping people?
  8. Do violent video games contribute to real-life violence?
  9. How does machine learning affect business productivity?
  10. How did artificial intelligence change the workplace within the last 10 years?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Does Facebook threaten people’s privacy?
  2. How journalistic profession has changed because of social media?
  3. Does YouTube affect the shopping habits of youth?
  4. How does the time youth spend online affect their overall satisfaction?
  5. How do social media affect the academic performance of children aged 10-17?
  6. Does Facebook make people less social?
  7. How dating habits have changed because of social media?
  8. Does Instagram promote stereotyping?
  9. How do online communities change people’s sense of belonging?
  10. How does Instagram affect black beauty standards and the self-representation of African American girls?

Excellent Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Should countries adopt stricter gun laws?
  2. Is the world becoming less educated?
  3. Should hunters face charges for killing animals?
  4. What is the importance of teen participation in sports?
  5. How will climate change affect future generations?
  6. How the police influence racial profiling
  7. Should oil extraction be banned?
  8. What are the positive and negative effects of lowering the drinking age?
  9. The effects of smoking on unborn children
  10. Why community service serves as an effective solution
  11. What are the positive and negative implications of lowering the driving age?
  12. Why museums are still in existence
  13. How culture affects modernization
  14. Why poetry is still important
  15. Factors influencing fashion
  16. How does cocaine cause teenage pregnancy?
  17. Why healthcare services should be free?
  18. Parenting styles and their effect on children.
  19. Why do job seekers need agility?
  20. Explain the reasons why the world needs more feminists.

Unique Synthesis Essay Questions

  1. Discuss the ethics of dress codes.
  2. Write about the various factors that affect business productivity.
  3. How have beauty standards affected Americans?
  4. Analyze the ethics of the death penalty.
  5. Write about the racial injustice within the justice system.
  6. How accurate and reliable is forensic science?
  7. What are the potential dangers of corporate consolidation?
  8. How do conspiracy theories propagate?
  9. What methods do wealthy individuals use to avoid paying taxes?
  10. How can one best manage personal debt?

The Bottom Line

From the above-mentioned list of interesting topics and ideas, choose any topic that is suitable for you to write an exemplary synthesis essay. However, if you have any difficulties in choosing a topic or writing an essay, then reach out to us for assignment writing help. We have a team of professional essay writers who are masters in various fields of study to craft a detailed synthesis essay on the best topics of your choice as per your instructor’s guidelines on time at a cheaper price.

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