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It is difficult to find a language that is not complicated or has no hard-to-spell words in it; the English language is no different. If you are a resident of an English-speaking nation or you study English to learn other languages or their literature, you need to enhance your vocabulary. For that, you must learn the definition and usage of all terms and even those you find complicated to write or pronounce. It will help you to understand every detail of the subject and excel in the subject of study to score high grades.  If you are struggling to spell the hard words or need help understanding their meaning, then this blog can be of great help to you. Here, apart from the list of 110 hard words to spell, you will also get to learn the methods to spell these hard words.

How to Spell Hard Words?

The spelling rules of the English language are complicated. It makes remembering the specific alphabet in a word more difficult. Hence, you may often fail to spell the words accurately. However, if you can train yourself in the various mnemonic techniques used worldwide, like that of kinetics, the language learning process will become easy. So, here are some tips that will help you spell hard words easily.

1. Trace the Letters

To apply the kinetic language methods for learning the spelling of hard words, track the letters in the palm of your hand. Then, using the combination of three learning methods, keep the words stuck in your memory. It includes:

  • The movement of your mouth and lips
  • The motion of the fingers of one hand moving
  • The sensation of the motion on the other palm

2. Vocalize the Letters

Studies suggest that vocalizing the word helps to imprint it firmly in your mind, courtesy – the melody in everyone’s voice. It helps to recall the words without fail.

3. Design Short Study Sessions

Taking short study sessions to memorize the words is often more effective to keep them locked in the mind for a long time. It is simply because an exerted mind fails to refresh itself or become capable to absorb more words without becoming overwhelmed.

4. Repeat the words

Learning new words without revising or repeating them will make you forget them easily. Therefore, try to repeat the words as many times as possible until it sinks into your mind.

5. Follow the pattern

Group the words that follow the same pattern. It is an effective strategy to learn hard words and memorize them correctly. You can build the association and reinforce the spellings.

6. Read

The more you read, the more you learn and the more you remember.

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List of 110 Hard Words to Spell

Hard Words to Spell

Do you want to learn the words with the most complicated spellings? Then, take a look at the terms presented below.

10 Hard Words to Spell for 10th-grade Students

Are you looking for some spelling challenge for a 10th grader? These are some hard words to spell.

  1. Aberration: Dissimilar from the norm.
  2. Archetype: A very clear-cut example of a certain person or thing.
  3. Audacious: A human being or citizens who are willing to take a bold risk.
  4. Camaraderie: An acquaintance between people.
  5. Debacle: An unexpected disaster.
  6. Disingenuous: A person who is not being truthful or sincere with another.
  7. Hindrance: An element that lowers or hinders an action or a person.
  8. Licentious: Having diminished or no morals when it comes to matters related to sex.
  9. Maelstrom: A strong circular current of water.
  10. Malleable: Something that can be easily reshaped into something else.

10 Common Words That Are Hard To Spell

Do you want to know about the most common words that are spelled inaccurately? Then, find the 10 most popular words here

  1. Calendar – A diagram that shows the days, weeks, and months of a particular year.
  2. Breathe – Take air into the lungsand then eject it, especially as a usual physiological process.
  3. Accommodate – Provide accommodation
  4. License – Approve the utilization of something.
  5. Vengeance – Punishment imposedor payback exacted for an injury or wrong.
  6. Recommend – Propose and agree as being appropriate for a particular rationale or role.
  7. Noticeable – Easily seen or noticed.
  8. Optimistic – Sensation or presenting hope for the future.
  9. Restaurant – A place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises.
  10. Millennial – Denoting or relating to a period of a thousand years.

10 Hard-to-Spell Words to Impress Others

Do you want to impress others with the hard words you know to spell? Then, memorize these words below.

  1. Acquiesce: To accept defeat reluctantly but without putting up a fight.
  2. Ambiguous: Having more than one possible meaning.
  3. Catalyst: Something that helps start a certain action or event.
  4. Denizen: An occupant of a particular place.
  5. Emulate: Trying to imitate someone’s actions.
  6. Labyrinth: A complicated network of passages where the possibility of getting lost is very high.
  7. Melancholy: A feeling of intense sadness, typically with no apparent reason.
  8. Melee: A chaotic, often bloody battle.
  9. Mercenary: Someone who is willing to do just about anything for money; soldier for hire.
  10. Myriad: A very large number.

12 Hard words to spell for 6th grader

Here are 12 hard words to spell for any student in 6th grade:

  1. Ambivalence: Having diverse feelings about someone or something.
  2. Arbitrary: An action founded on casual choice or without reasoning.
  3. Caveat: An exemption about a specific statement that should be heeded.
  4. Eclectic: An assortment of ideas or styles.
  5. Evanescent: Momentary.
  6. Formidable: Someone who is dreaded or respected due to their physical, mental, or intellectual capabilities.
  7. Gobbledygook: Slang for “claptrap”.
  8. Nefarious: Of an evil or criminal nature.
  9. Reminisce: A pleasant recollection of things one has been through in the past.
  10. Shrewd: A person who displays a keen intellect or judgment.
  11. Sycophant: Someone who regularly tries to get on the good side of a person in charge; a suck-up.
  12. Tryst: A secret romantic meeting with someone you shouldn’t be alone with.

10 Hard Words to Spell for 7th grader

Do you want to learn the hard words for students in 7th grade? Then, find 10 exclusive ones below.

  1. Bureaucracy – Coordination of government in which most of the significant decisions are put into practice by state officials instead of elected representatives.
  2. Rhythm – A well-built, customary recurring pattern of movement or sound.
  3. Champagne – A white sparkling wine from Champagne, France.
  4. Fisticuffs – Combating with the
  5. Unnecessary – Not required.
  6. Conscience – A person’s ethical sense of right and wrong, viewed as a performing guide to one’s behavior.
  7. Masseuse – A woman who offers massage professionally.
  8. Siege – A military action in which opponent forces encircle a town or building, and bring to a halt all the essential supplies, to force those inside to surrender.
  9. Incandescent – Produces light as a consequence of being heated.
  10. Curio – Keen to know or study something.

15 Hard Words to Spell for College Students

Here are 15 hard words that college students must learn to spell.

  1. Acumen: Being capable to take quick decisions while using good decisions, typically in a specific area of expertise.
  2. Antithesis: The precise opposite.
  3. Cantankerous: Irritable and argumentative.
  4. Clairvoyant: Someone who can see proceedings that haven’t taken place yet.
  5. Derogatory: Having an impolite attitude toward someone.
  6. Exacerbate: To make a condition worse than it already is.
  7. Fortuitous: Casual.
  8. Hiatus: A silence or gap.
  9. Leery: Being careful due to suspicious feelings.
  10. Mischievous: Invoking trouble in a harmless way.
  11. Neophyte: A novice to an activity.
  12. Paladin: A knight popular for their heroism and chivalry.
  13. Quintessential: Representing a near-perfect illustration of a specific class or type of person.
  14. Talisman: A thing that is thought to possess supernatural powers and bring good luck
  15. Trepidation: A sense of unease about something that may or may not take place.

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10 Words That Are Hard To Spell But Easy To Pronounce

Find the most misleading words that are hardest to spell.

  1. Cayenne – A strong hot-tasting red powder prepared from the ground and dried chili
  2. Vacuum Partially worn out by simulated means
  3. Neapolitan – A native or citizen of Naples.
  4. Noxious –
  5. Assassination – The act of killing
  6. Confiscate – Take or grab hold of (someone’s property) with power.
  7. Acoustic – Regarding sound or the intellect of hearing.
  8. Croissant – A buttery, flaky, pastry motivated by the shape of the Austrian Kipferl but made with French yeast-leavened laminated dough.
  9. Limousine – A big, luxurious car, especially one driven by a chauffeurwho is alienated from the passengers by a screen.
  10. Phlegm – The thick glutinoussubstance produced by the mucous membranes of the respiratory passage, especially when formed in excessive quantities during a cold.

12 Words Difficult To Spell For Adults

Here find the words that are hard to spell for adults.

  1. Avant-garde: Someone who is in advance of the times with new and new ideas, particularly in the arts.
  2. Connoisseur: An expert of taste, but not essentially food.
  3. Digress: A way of avoiding the main subject during a discussion.
  4. Eerie: A strange or frightening setting; often associated with a feeling of unease.
  5. Entrepreneur: Owner of a small business; someone who starts a business.
  6. Fallacy: A wrong belief usually rooted in a flimsy argument.
  7. Harbinger: Something or someone that indicates the coming of another.
  8. Idiosyncrasy: A very idiosyncratic feature or characteristic relating to a particular individual.
  9. Machiavellian: Cunning, strategic, and devious.
  10. Maverick: Someone who has a sovereign nature.
  11. Miscellaneous: A mixed collection of items or people.
  12. Preponderance: Being superior in number or significance.

10 Terms That Are Hard To Spell For 12th Grader

Here is a glimpse of the terms that seem to spell for a 12th grader.

  1. Ruminate: To intensely think about something vital.
  2. Spontaneous: Something that occurs without prudence or planning.
  3. Supersede: To take over from.
  4. Omnibus: A compilation of novels or stories that were formerly published separately.
  5. Rescind: To formally cancel or stop a certain matter.
  6. Tangential: Superficial or not lasting.
  7. Vindictive: A human being who has a strong desire for revenge.
  8. Zephyr: A minor wind a little stronger than a gust.
  9. Obfuscate: To make unclear.
  10. Promiscuous: Having lots of casual sexual encounters.

11 Complicated Terms to Spell For An 11th Grader

If you are an 11th grader and are unaccustomed to these terms or find the words hard, you must put your efforts to learn them.

  1. Syllabus: An outline or summary of key points.
  2. Ultimatum: A final demand, which if not accepted will result in retaliation of some kind.
  3. Whimsical: A playful or appealing way of acting.
  4. Ubiquitous: To be at all places at once.
  5. Vamoose: Make a quick exit.
  6. Vernacular: The universal language used in a certain country or area.
  7. Arcane – Recognized by few; strange or secret.
  8. Unanimous – (Of two or more people) completely in accord.
  9. Liquefy- Formulate or turn out to be liquid.
  10. Apparent Look as if it is real or true, but not essentially so.
  11. Pronunciation The method by which a word is spoken.

Wrapping Up

From the list of 110 hard words to speak, pick out the ones that you find most difficult and learn to use them in your academic papers. However, if you are still struggling to recognize the meaning of the chosen words or need help to increase your vocabulary or grammatical skills, don’t hesitate to connect with our experts. Our team of editors available online will help you learn the intricate words without much effort and even check and edit your paper if you misuse English words in your papers. However, you will never burn a hole in your pocket to take assistance from our experts.

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