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You have to write multiple documents in your professional career, from a cover letter to a letter of resignation. Among all these, the ones categorized under the business letter format are the most difficult. It might seem that writing a business letter is simple, but, as you sit down to organize it in the accurate business letter format, it seems like an insurmountable challenge. Adhering to the format is essential because letters are a part of business communication, between one professional to another or between two professionals of different organizations. Hence leaving a good impression is a must.

If you are a student or a professional, starting to learn the ins and outs of business communication, this blog will be of great help. Here, we have shared the essential contents, format, structure, and many more details to help you write a flawless business letter. Continue reading and update your knowledge of business letter writing.

When Should You Use A Business Letter?

You can use a business letter on multiple occasions to address different professionals or the world at large. An organization, employee, or employer of a company can employ it as a tool to share their views with other members of the company or with professionals of other organizations. Some of the most common forms of business letters are:

  1. Letters for offering job
  2. Sales letter
  3. Letter for the interest of business investors
  4. Letter of resignation
  5. Business circulars
  6. Letters to share and holders
  7. Letter of recommendation

How Should You Structure A Business Letter?

Include these 7 essential elements in your business letter:

    1.Your contact details:

This is an optional step. Avoid it if you have already included your contact details on the letterhead. Else, write the following contact information:

  1. First Name, Middle Name, and Surname
  2. Title of job
  3. Academic qualification [if applicable]
  4. Name of the organization
  5. Address of the company
  6. City, state, and Zip Code
  7. Telephone number of the organization
  8. Company’s email address

Here is an example of the structure of contact information:

[First Name, Middle Name, and Surname of the sender], [Title of the job/ academic qualification, whichever is applicable]

[Address], [City, State, and Zip code] | [Telephone number of the organization] | [Company’s email address]

     2. Date of writing:

Mention the date on which you write the letter. Ensure that your letterhead also includes this detail. The date must be after your contact details with a space between them. Typically, you must mention the date in month, date, and year date format.

      3. Address of the recipient:

The recipient’s address must include the following details:

  1. Full name of the recipient
  2. Title of the job
  3. Academic qualification [if applicable]
  4. Name of the company
  5. Address of the recipient
  6. City, State, and Zip Code
  7. Recipient’s telephone number
  8. Email address of the recipient

Take a look at the example for structuring the recipient’s address:

[Full name of the recipient], [Title of the job/ academic qualification, whichever applicable]

[Address], [City, State, and Zip code] | [Telephone number of the recipient] | [Recipient’s email address]

     4. Introductory Salutation:

The salutation you use in the business letter format depends on your familiarity with the individual who receives this business letter. For example:

  1. In case of non-familiarity – If you are unsure of the recipient and reader of your business letter, salute it with “to whomsoever it may concern.”
  2. Formally known – If you know the reader and receiver of the letter formally, salute it with Dear [last name].
  3. Informally known – In case you know the recipient formally, use the salutation, Dear [first name].

     5. Body of the business letter:

The body of the business letter holds the main content. You get the scope to express the purpose of writing here. While writing a business letter, never make the body extend the length beyond 3-4 paragraphs. Here are the details of what each paragraph must include:

Paragraph 1: Must open to write the letter.

Paragraph 2: Explain the purpose of writing the letter.

Paragraph 3: Close the letter.

    6. Closing salutation / Valediction:

Just like the introductory salutation, the closing salutation also depends on your relationship with the letter’s recipient. Start the closing salutation under the last body paragraph. You can use any of these commonly used salutations:

  1. Sincerely
  2. Respectfully yours,
  3. Respectfully
  4. Cordially
  5. Best
  6. Kind regards
  7. Regards
  8. All the best
  9. Yours sincerely
  10. Thank you

      7. Your signature:

Mail all your business letters with a handwritten signature even in cases you type the content. It adds a personal touch and builds a rapport with the recipient.  A simple way to do that is to print the letter and then put your signature in the designated space. Never sign with your initials; write your full name. Plus, make sure to type your full name below the signature.

4 Steps to Build a Flawless Business Letter Format

Format your business letter to enhance clarity and ease of understanding of your letter. While you format the paper, consider the 4 steps:

1.      Block or indent your writing:

If you choose to block your business letter format, align every element of the letter to the left side of the paper. However, if you choose to indent the content, then, you must stack the address, date, closing salutation, and signature to the right side of the paper while keeping every other element on the left side.

Business Letter Format

2.      Font:

You can use the following font to type your business letter content:

  1. Arial
  2. Avenir
  3. Calibri
  4. Corbel
  5. Garamond
  6. Georgia
  7. Gill Sans
  8. Helvetica
  9. Open Sans
  10. Roboto
  11. Times New Roman

3.      Margin:

The standard rule says that every document on your paper must have a 1-inch margin on all sides of the paper. However, if you want to make your letter stand out you can reduce the margin to half-inch.

4.      Spacing:

Make the body of your business letter spacing it with 1.0 characters. However, increase it to 2.0 after you write the addresses, dates, and salutations.

Template of a Business Letter Format

A business letter template will help you understand the structure and format of the business letter better. Here is a sample template for you.

[First Name, Middle Name, and Surname of the sender], [Title of the job/ academic qualification, whichever is applicable]

[Address], [City, State, and Zip code] | [Telephone number of the organization] | [Company’s email address]


[Full name of the recipient], [Title of the job/ academic qualification, whichever applicable]

[Address], [City, State, and Zip code] | [Telephone number of the recipient] | [Recipient’s email address]

Dear [last name of the recipient],

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3

Yours sincerely,

[Your complete name and surname]

Example of the Business Letter Format

Now that you know what a business letter format is and what it contains, you must not have a query regarding the structure of the business letter. In case, you still have some ambiguity regarding the format and structure of the business letter, the sample below will remove all your doubts.

Malinda Lawson, Director of Marketing, Enemas Airlines

304 Easter Colony, Arizona 87108 | 333-333-3333| malinda.lawson@email.com

June 15, 2019

Rachael Clark, Manager of Facilities, Watchover Villa

Daffodil Advertisement Complex, New Orleans, Luciana 70029 | 123-456-789 | rachael.clark @email.com

Dear Ms. Clark,

Hope you are keeping well. I am Malinda Lawson, the director of Marketing at Enamas Airlines, and I would like to share some details on marketing that will be advantageous for both companies.

Every time our flight crews fly over the Seattle region, an overwhelming amount of the crew members prefer to stay at the Watchover Villa. However, often the rooms are occupied by other passengers, leaving no vacancy for the new crew members. If Watchover Villa could block a few suites permanently for our crew members, we will promote the Watchover Villa in our in-flight magazine at a considerable discount.  

To give you an idea of how an Enemas Airline and Watchover Villa joint venture could look like, I have enclosed 5 sample advertisements crafted by our graphic design team. These samples should prove that we are eager to showcase the Watchover Villa for over 20 million passengers we serve throughout the year. To discuss further in detail, you can reach me at 333-333-3333, or mail your queries or approval to malinda.lawson@email.com. I wait for hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Sender’s signature

Malinda Lawson

Director of Marketing, Enemas Airlines.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, by now you have got a clear idea of a business letter format and know the drills for creating an excellent business letter. However, if you still struggle to understand the fine details of the format of a business letter, or showcase your skills in crafting the document, approach us immediately. At assignmenthelppro.com, we have professional business letter writers. They can help you understand the format of a business letter and even create a letter for you.

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