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Are you a statistics student hunting for the best research project ideas? If yes, then this blog post is for you. Basically, statistics is a wide academic discipline that studies data and numerical information in almost all fields and various real-life situations that are related to mathematical science. Since the subject is broad, it might be extremely challenging to brainstorm and identify a good statistics research project topic. Therefore, to make your topic selection process easier, here, we have compiled a list of top statistics project ideas for you to consider. Explore them all and pick any idea that meets your requirements.

List of Statistics Project Ideas

For writing an exclusive statistics research paper, you can choose any of the below-mentioned statistics project ideas that justify your knowledge and understanding.

Statistics Project Ideas for School and College Students

  1. Increasing use of plastics
  2. Statistical analysis of the road accidents in your local area
  3. Course cost differentiation in colleges
  4. Are college students likely to develop drug addictions if given a chance?
  5. Are online classes helpful?
  6. Time spent by college students on social media
  7. Significance of the front seats in the class on success rates
  8. The effects of sitting in the backseat in a class
  9. Should mobile phones be allowed in high school or not?
  10. The ratio of college students getting married after graduation
  11. Relation between birth order as well as success in academics
  12. Is being headstrong difficult, or does it make things easy?
  13. Popular movie genre among students in college
  14. Web browsing habits of college students
  15. Caffeine consumption among students as well as its effect on the performance
  16. Common subjects were chosen by students in college
  17. What types of music do college students like the most?
  18. Are e-books better than conventional books?
  19. Choosing aspects of a subject in college
  20. Do extra-curricular activities help transform personalities?
  21. Should stereotypical social issues be highlighted or not?
  22. Comparison between male as well as female students in college
  23. Comparative study on the pricing of different clothing store prices in your town.
  24. Does the race of actors affect the popularity of TV shows among college students?
  25. Does the experience of a freshman in college with their roommate affect their overall experience at the institution?
  26. Does the effect of a Teacher who is fresher in University influence the student’s performance?
  27. Influence of Distinct Subjects on Student’s Performance.
  28. Significance of Analytics in Studying Statistics.
  29. Influence of Better Student in Class
  30. Influence of Backbenchers in their Performance in Class.
  31. Significance of Medication in Class Performance

Statistics Project Ideas

Business Statistics Project Ideas

  1. Accessibility of businesses to bank benefits
  2. The influence of social media on business sales
  3. The effect of social media on the performance of an employee
  4. Is consumption of alcohol higher among employees with a lower pay scale?
  5. The impact of cost estimation on business management
  6. Sexual harassment amongst female employees in the workplace
  7. Factors contributing to low productivity in a workplace
  8. Consideration of occupational schedules provided by secretaries
  9. Trends of death management in business entities
  10. Relationship between the leaders of a company as well as its employees
  11. The utilization of modern tools in any organization
  12. The effect of modern communication on the management of a company
  13. The importance of internal communication in a workplace
  14. Can business tools improve the performance of employees?
  15. The significance of assessment analysis.
  16. Correlation of business venture investment in the United States.
  17. Importance of online Business Performance for the impaired workers.
  18. Impact of the Facebook Marketing on Business Sales.
  19. Influence of Supervisors on the CEO of Business.

Statistics Project Ideas

Statistics Project Ideas on Socio-Economics

  1. Significance of agricultural loans for farmers
  2. Comparison between criminal offenses in town as well as villages
  3. The effect of poverty on crime rates
  4. Food habits in low-income families
  5. Malpractices of low-income groups
  6. Income versus explanation analysis in a society
  7. Peak traffic times in your city
  8. Analysis of road accidents in the suburb as well as the town area
  9. The effect of smoking on medical costs
  10. Analysis of the source of revenue as well as the pattern of expenditure by the local government of the local government
  11. A relationship between exercises as well as a reduction in overall medical expenses
  12. The impact of per capita income on healthcare cost
  13. The reason behind drastic development in any city
  14. Comparison and relation between petroleum prices with food prices
  15. Why is it important to train the youth of low-income families?

Statistics Project Topics on Finance and Economics

  1. Can the growth of an organization in society make a difference in the economy of that community?
  2. Performance analysis of the banking sector
  3. Factors affecting financial distress in the banking sector
  4. Do federal elections affect stock prices?
  5. Do debt reduction policies of the government also reduce the quality of life?
  6. Analysis of cash deposit patterns in banks.
  7. Are computerized budget analysis systems effective?
  8. Statistical analysis of the impact of birth and death rates on the economy of a country
  9. Statistical analysis of infant mortality rate.
  10. Is there a relationship between exercise and a reduction in overall medical costs?
  11. The effects of poor infrastructural facilities on socio-economic development.
  12. Are members of certain subpopulations more likely to get the death penalty?
  13. Analysis of the use of financial reports in assessing the performance of banks.
  14. Analysis of the sources of revenue and the pattern of expenditure of the local government.
  15. Regression analysis on national income.
  16. Income vs Consumption Explanation Study in the Society.
  17. Influence of Advertisement on Health Costs
  18. Study of the Worldwide economic growth.
  19. Influence of Pandemic on Health in the UK

Top Statics Project Ideas

Statistical Analysis Topics on Sports and Movies

  1. Is there a relation between a basketball player as well as his height?
  2. Do sports affect the behavior of an individual?
  3. Do students get lower grades if they are involved in college sports?
  4. Comparison between hockey as well as basketball?
  5. Types of shoes worn by basketball players
  6. Are energy drinks harmful?
  7. The popularity of baseball as well as football
  8. Is the involvement of students in sports the reason behind lower grades?
  9. Statistical analysis of the types of brands endorsed by celebrity sportsmen.
  10. The revolution of cinema
  11. Why is there a demand for movie stars?
  12. Does the cast of a movie influence the interest of people?
  13. Do people enjoy movies more while eating?
  14. Do people enjoy movies more when they eat popcorn?
  15. What are the aspects of a successful movie?
  16. What are the qualities of a great movie?
  17. Do People enjoy commercials vs Art Movies?
  18. Do People in the East like Cricket more than People like Football in the West?
  19. Is Sports or Movies More Enjoyable?

Interesting Statistics Project Topics

  1. Examine the connection between mental health outcomes and social media usage.
  2. Examine the factors that influence voter participation in a particular election or region.
  3. Determine whether a particular marketing promotion strategy is working.
  4. Examine a specific species’ response to climate change.
  5. Analyze the connection between mental health outcomes and exercise.
  6. Examine the connection between a particular area’s health outcomes and income.
  7. Determine whether a particular program or intervention is successful in addressing a particular social problem.
  8. Examine the impact that COVID-19 has had on a particular sector of the economy or industry.
  9. Research the connection between a region’s economic conditions and crime rates.
  10. Investigate the factors that influence a student’s success in a specific academic program.
  1. Are taller people considered to be more accurate?
  2. Analysis of the complexion of humans with their race
  3. Is mobile surfing helpful?
  4. Cause of aggression in male
  5. Are mobile games beneficial for students?
  6. Does the payroll affect the performance of an employee?
  7. Significance of health check-ups
  8. Analysis of people doing regular health check-ups versus those who do not
  9. Are people similar to the descriptions provided for their star signs?
  10. Statistical analysis of types of food teenagers consume and its consequences
  11. Analyze the consequences of cyberbullying
  12. Should art be given equal importance to science?
  13. Analyze the percentage of divorce rate in your country.
  14. Analyze the effects of overpopulation in small countries.
  15. Does academic success assure success in life?
  16. Why is there a command for film stars?
  17. The implication of physical condition checkups
  18. Examination of persons doing usual physical condition check-ups against those who do not
  19. Does the quality of a movie power the notice of people?
  20. Study of skin texture of humans with their race
  21. What seem to be the elements of a successful movie?
  22. Is success in sports have an influence on academic success?

Statistics Project Ideas for College Assignments

  1. Determine whether there is a correlation between having a part-time job and grades.
  2. Analyze whether there is a correlation between student debt and grades.
  3. Examine the GPAs of students who are from out of state to those who are inside the state.
  4. Determine whether there is a correlation between religious affiliation and grades.
  5. Analyze the academic performance of students who have completed an internship.
  6. Compare the test scores for students who have to work to support themselves vs. those who do not have to work.
  7. Analyze the GPAs of students who are married to those who are not married.
  8. Compare the efficiency of different study methods.
  9. Compare the test scores of African American students to Caucasian students.
  10. Investigate the correlation between intelligence and grades.


Out of the wide list of statistics project ideas suggested in this blog post, you can pick the topic of your choice. During the topic selection, keep in mind that the topic you select should have enough data to organize, analyze and interpret. Never pick a project idea that falls out of your interest. In case the topic you have selected is vague, then you can’t write a good hypothesis, and also it may result in low grades. So, spend some time and choose the best statistic project idea that is thought-provoking.

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