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How to Write a Topic Sentence

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The ultimate aim of writing is to make your readers understand your thoughts and ideas on any topic. To present your main points and sub-points of the topic in an understandable format, you should logically organize your ideas while writing. Specifically, when it comes to non-fiction writing, you need to create a topic sentence for your introductory paragraph, conclusion paragraph and all the other supporting paragraphs. If you know how to write a topic sentence effectively, then you can convey your ideas and other supporting information clearly to your audience.

To help you in gaining knowledge of topic sentences, here in this blog post, we have shared about topic sentences, the purpose of topic sentences and the effective ways to write a topic sentence along with the topic sentence examples.

What is a topic sentence?

A topic sentence is an opening sentence in a paragraph. Generally, a topic sentence in the paragraph will give brief information to the readers about what the paragraph is all about. It usually guides the readers by introducing the subject of discussion and also provides a clear structure to a paragraph and the whole piece of writing.

When and where to use the topic sentence?

As said earlier, you can use the topic sentence in non-fiction writing. Some common forms of non-fiction writing where you can use the topic sentences are

  • Essays
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Speeches

Usually, the topic sentences will be placed as the opening or first sentence in a paragraph. But it is not always mandatory to have the topic sentence at the beginning of a paragraph. You can open a paragraph with a hook sentence or statement to grab the reader’s attention and then include a topic sentence.

Difference between a topic sentence and a thesis statement

So, how is a topic sentence different from a thesis statement? A thesis statement is a statement that focuses on the main idea of an essay or research paper. It is usually written at the end of the introductory paragraph to let your readers know about your essay topic and your claim about that topic that will be discussed in the entire essay. But a topic sentence is used to support the thesis by explaining the topic of each paragraph.

Now, let us have a look at how a topic sentence is different from a thesis statement with an example.

Topic Sentence:Green Tea is enjoyed for its beneficial properties

Thesis Statement: The compounds present in green tea give positive effects on a person’s health while drinking.

Here, the thesis statement emphasizes the compounds present in green tea and its benefits. So, when writing an essay, you need to create multiple paragraphs to discuss all the compounds present in green tea and its benefits to human health. Each paragraph should focus on one compound and the topic sentence for that paragraph should be like “healthy bioactive compounds in green tea“ or “how green tea helps to lose weight”. Both these topic sentences support the thesis statement.

Steps for Writing a Topic Sentence

Till now, we have learned about the topic sentence and how it is different from the thesis statement. Next, let us move on and learn how to write a topic sentence effectively.

When writing a topic sentence for all the paragraphs in your essay, remember to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Create a thesis statement

Before identifying your topic sentence, first, create a thesis statement that sums up the purpose of your essay or research paper. The thesis statement should clearly explain to your readers the topic of discussion in the paper.

Spot the main points

Next, think about the topic you have selected to write and then sketch an outline covering all the main points supporting the thesis statement. With the outline you have prepared, you can easily decide how to explain your ideas to your readers interestingly in multiple paragraphs with an impressive opening sentence.

Draft the topic sentences

After gathering the main points, then go ahead and pick an impressive opening sentence or a topic sentence suitable for each paragraph.Create a crispy topic sentence by connecting your main idea with what and why structure. When writing a topic sentence, you should state what the topic is and why it matters.

What:Green Tea is enjoyed

Why: For the beneficial properties it has

Revise the topic sentences

The topic sentences are nothing but simple statements. After you write the topic sentences, make sure to revise them as per the content of each paragraph.

Your topic sentence should not give a detailed explanation. It should just state what a reader can expect from that paragraph. Your topic sentences will be considered to be good only if you write them in a clear and concise manner. A topic sentence should contain a topic and a controlling idea.

To create a strong connection between each paragraph and present them in a logical way, you need to include smooth transitions using transition words. For a logical transition between the paragraphs, you can present your ideas or argument by comparing and contrasting, emphasizing and expanding or summarizing and anticipating.

Tips for writing topic sentences

When you write topic sentences, keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Instead of creating an obvious statement, write a topic sentence that is interesting to the readers. Don’t just use a fact statement as a topic sentence. Present your topic sentence using innovative and creative ways.
  2. To make your topic sentence stronger, always use compound and complex sentences. A compound sentence can be created with two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction and a comma. A complex sentence can be created with a subordinate clause and an independent clause joined by a comma and subordinating conjunction.
  3. To present your topic sentence in a logical way, use transition words like although, even though, another, etc.

Topic Sentence Example

Here is an example of the topic sentence. You can refer to this and learn how to derive a topic sentence from a thesis statement.

Thesis statement: Spring is the best time of the year because of the more hours of sunshine, warmer climate and the blooming time of plants.

Topic Sentences:

Paragaraph1: One of the greatest things about spring is that the sun stays out for a longer period and gives more hours of sunshine to us every day.

Paragraph 2:More sunshine keeps the weather warm and is also one of the reasons to love spring.

Paragraph 3:The best thing about spring is that it makes everything around us beautiful and lively, especially the fresh flowers, the new grass and the new leaves on the trees.

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Final Words

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can create impressive topic sentences for each paragraph inside your essay.

If you are a student, then without skipping, learn how to write a topic sentence because when writing your academic essays, articles or research papers, only the topic sentences will help you to structure your paragraph and essay coherently. Most importantly, with the help of topic sentences, you can keep your writing focused and easily guide your readers through the arguments presented in your piece of writing.

  • 1. What is an example of a topic sentence?

    A good example of a topic sentence on a paragraph on a movie/web series you last watched can be: Last night, I watched Chernobyl with my sister and we were literally shaken by the breathtaking dramatization.

  • 2. What are 3 examples of a topic sentence?

    Last night, I watched Chernobyl with my sister and we were literally shaken by the breathtaking dramatization.
    I went to US to pursue my career in marketing and my first day at work was more eventful than my expectation.
    ABC company’s last 5 years sales performance is just OKAY and its sales strategy needs modification for better results.

  • 3. What are the 4 types of topic sentences?

    Last night, I watched Chernobyl with my sister and we were literally shaken by the breathtaking dramatization.
    I went to US to pursue my career in marketing and my first day at work was more eventful than my expectation.
    ABC company’s last 5 years sales performance is just OKAY and its sales strategy needs modification for better results.
    Students are more addicted to Smartphone as the other activities fail to interest them,