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Religious studies or theology is an interesting field of study that predominantly deals with the beliefs, rituals, traditions, culture, and philosophy of various religions followed across the globe. The subject also focuses on the relationship of religion with society and mental health. Remember, if you are pursuing your degree in religious studies, then to obtain graduation, you must definitely submit a research paper on any unique topic related to religion. In case, you are unsure what topic to choose for your religious research paper, take a look at this blog. For your convenience, we have presented a list of 200+ amazing religious research paper topics and ideas. In addition to that, we have also explained how to find a good religious topic and compose a brilliant research paper on it. Just explore and get ideas for religious research paper writing.

Religious Research Paper Topics

Tips for Choosing a Good Religious Research Paper Topic

In the academic paper writing task, topic selection is the first step that you can’t skip. Usually, the success of your academic paper will mainly depend on the topic you choose and the content you create in the essay. So, when it comes to choosing a topic for a religious research paper, make sure to keep the following tips in mind during the topic selection stage.

  1. Select a topic that is familiar to you.
  2. Pick a topic that syncs with your area of interest and is comfortable for you to perform research.
  3. Never consider topics that are opinion-based.
  4. Choose a topic that is flexible to conduct deep research.
  5. Give preference to the topic that supports different perspectives.
  6. Avoid choosing a topic that is biased towards any specific religion.
  7. Go with the topic that satisfies your professor’s research paper writing instructions, if there are any.

Steps for Writing an Excellent Religious Research Paper

By following all the above-mentioned tips, you can come up with a good research paper. However, once you have identified a perfect religious research paper topic, you can start writing your research paper. Instead of directly jumping into the writing process, execute the following

  • First, do complete research on the topic you have selected and collect several ideas by exploring the topic from different perspectives.
  • After you have gathered the ideas for your discussion, sketch an outline that includes the essential elements such as introduction, body, and conclusion. As religion is a sensitive subject, when drafting your essay content on the topic you have selected, be careful and share your ideas without damaging the feelings of others.
  • The introductory paragraph of your research paper should begin with a catchy hook sentence and end with a powerful thesis statement. In the middle, add brief background information on the topic.
  • Next, write the body paragraphs by explaining your thesis statement with supporting evidence or facts. The entire information you include in your research paper should be from credible sources.
  • After completing the body paragraphs, close your essay with a conclusion paragraph. The conclusion section should restate the thesis statement and summarize all the major points already discussed in the academic paper.
  • Finally, before submitting the research paper, proofread the whole essay content and edit if it contains any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. Never skip revision. The final draft of the religious research paper should be flawless and structured coherently in a way that is easy for the readers to understand.

Religious Research Paper Writing Tips

Mentioned below are a few significant tips you should keep an eye on while writing a religious research paper.

  1. Write your research paper by considering all the perspectives on your topic.
  2. Never include your personal opinions about any religion in your academic paper.
  3. To explain your religious viewpoints, use specific scientific methods.
  4. Avoid criticizing any religion.
  5. Instead of getting locked in contradictions, give a detailed explanation for all your critical statements.

List of Religious Research Paper Topics

Our world is filled with many religions and each religion consists of a lot of research topics. So, for writing a top-quality religious research paper, you can very well choose a religious topic from any theme such as faith, culture, tradition, etc.

Are you struggling to find out the best religious research topics? Cool! Here, we have suggested a list of the best religious research paper topic ideas in various categories.

Explore the entire list and choose a topic that fits you perfectly.

Religious Research Paper Topics

Easy Religious Research Paper Topics

  1. The history and origin of religion.
  2. What are the political effects of religion?
  3. Discuss the role of women in religion.
  4. Explain the belief systems without gods.
  5. What are the common rituals in different religions?
  6. Generational details of religions.
  7. Explain the role of religion in literature.
  8. What is the significance of religion in the political economy?
  9. Discuss the role of religion in science.
  10. Discuss the postmodern thoughts on religion.
  11. Explain religion and space.
  12. Discuss the link between religion and mental health.
  13. Who benefits from religion?
  14. Explain the significance of religion in environmental issues.
  15. Is a single-world religion possible?
  16. Discuss the importance of religious worship in Christianity
  17. Analysis of the Bible’s definition of worship
  18. Discuss the impact of politics on religion
  19. Describe the Christian teachings on forgiveness and punishment as per the Bible
  20. Compare and contrast the religious teachings of the Quran and the Bhagavad Gita
  21. Explore the different traditions, branches, and denominations within Christianity
  22. Compare and contrast the religious beliefs and practices of Hindu and Muslim
  23. Discuss the religious similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism
  24. How did politics influence Christianity in medieval Europe?
  25. Discuss the religious impact of Islam on South Africans

Christianity Research Paper Topics

  1. Talk about the origin and history of Christianity.
  2. What are the different Christian symbols?
  3. Describe the life of Jesus Christ and the themes of theology.
  4. Discuss the role of missionaries in spreading Christianity.
  5. What is the role of an individual in Christianity?
  6. The state of Christianity in secular societies.
  7. Explain the views of Christianity on interfaith marriage.
  8. What are the major roles played by men in Christianity?
  9. Compare the Gnostic faith and modern Christianity.
  10. Christianity in the Reformation Era.
  11. The belief of Christianity on death and its views on suicide.
  12. What are the different Christian branches?
  13. The role of the Catholic Church in shaping Christianity.
  14. What is the effect of Christianity on American slaves?
  15. Discuss Christian music development.
  16. The Christian view of gay marriage.
  17. The difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  18. Is cloning acceptable in Christianity?
  19. Explain the significance of Christmas to Christians.
  20. Discuss the myths and rituals in the Church.
  21. Explain Jesus’ view of crime and punishment
  22. Critical analysis of the ethics of the Bible
  23. Discuss the theological controversies in Christianity
  24. Explore the religious beliefs and practices of Jainism
  25. Discuss the spiritual journey of Gautama Buddha
  26. Compare and contrast the religious philosophy of Jainism and Buddhism
  27. Discuss the impact of religion on society
  28. Explore the coexistence of different religious traditions in the globalized world

Hinduism Research Topics

  1. Describe the origin and history of Hinduism.
  2. Discuss the role of women in Hinduism.
  3. Explain Hinduism philosophy in the Upanishads.
  4. Ethical beliefs in the Hindu faith.
  5. How does Hinduism influence modern Indian life?
  6. What is the connection between Yoga and Hinduism?
  7. Describe the different scriptures in Hinduism.
  8. How do rituals permit the practice of worship in Hinduism?
  9. Explain the cultural and religious opinions of Hinduism.
  10. Explain the importance of cow protection and vegetarianism in Hinduism.
  11. How does reincarnation occur in Hinduism?
  12. The Funeral rituals of the Hinduism tradition.
  13. The major Gods of Hinduism.
  14. The practice of worship in Hinduism.
  15. Explain the meaning of Dharma in Hinduism.
  16. Analyze the teachings of the Vedas

Islam Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the history of Islamic civilizations.
  2. The role of a woman in Islam.
  3. Explain the origin and evolution of Jihad in Islam.
  4. What is radicalism in Islam?
  5. The formation of Islam in the West.
  6. The study of social class and the Islamic religion.
  7. Does Islam support democracy?
  8. The polygamous marriages in Islam.
  9. What are the religious and cultural reasons behind wearing a hijab?
  10. Who are the most important prophets in Islam?
  11. Talk about the perspectives of Islam on interfaith marriage.
  12. Islam and Western education.
  13. The conflict of pluralism and secularism in modern Islam.
  14. What role does Islamic mythology play in shaping the religion?
  15. The political, social, and economic influence of modernity on Islam.
  16. Civil Islamic practices.
  17. The significance of Ramadan month to Islam.
  18. The traditions of the Islamic world.
  19. How the Quran can be used as a tool for religious tolerance and religious intolerance?
  20. Why are women not allowed to take sermons in Islam?
  21. How and why does Islam promote authoritarianism?

Buddhism Research Topics

  1. Discuss the origin and evolution of Buddhism.
  2. Can Buddhism coexist with science?
  3. The role of women in Buddhism.
  4. What are the meditative practices of Buddhism?
  5. Psychoanalysis and Buddhism.
  6. Is Buddhism a religion or philosophy?
  7. Human rights and Buddhism.
  8. Explain what Buddhism talks about nature and ecology.
  9. Explain the political effect of Buddhism.
  10. Discuss Chinese Buddhism.

Research Topics on Religion and Society

  1. What are the views of Karl Marx on religion?
  2. What is the role of discipline in maintaining strict religious edicts?
  3. Governance and religion: how religion is also a tool of control.
  4. Discuss the impact of traditional beliefs in today’s secular societies.
  5. Explain the concept of childhood innocence in religion.
  6. How religion promotes society.
  7. Discuss the influence of religion on the understanding of morality.
  8. Explain the features of religion in sociology.
  9. Describe religion from the eyes of a sociologist.
  10. Explain the role of social stratification in shaping religious groups in America.

Captivating Religious Research Paper Topics

  1. How to form a religion?
  2. What is the role of religion in marriages?
  3. Will religion ever end?
  4. Share the religious myths in modern society.
  5. What are the effects of religion on wars?
  6. What are the different types of non-belief?
  7. Religion and medicine.
  8. Magic and illusions in religions.
  9. Compare prayer and meditative techniques.
  10. The importance of sacrifice in religious practices.

Outstanding Religious Research Paper Topics

  1. How to lead a spiritual life?
  2. Is Mormonism true in American religion?
  3. How can religion be used to guide teenagers?
  4. Explain the relationship between religion and law.
  5. Provide an elaborative overview of the Buddhist religion.
  6. The various thoughts on contraception.
  7. The major causes of the Protestant Reformation.
  8. The significance of tithing in the different religions.
  9. The implication of artificial insemination.
  10. How do different religions cannibalize the past religions?
  11. The impact of mass media on religion.
  12. Discuss the link between Nordic mythology and religion.
  13. Can the taking of one’s innocent life be justified ethically and religiously?
  14. Is it religiously right to freeze embryos?
  15. Discuss the concept of the soul in different religions.
  16. Compare how different religions convert people into their followers.
  17. Do you think debt is Biblically allowed?
  18. Is it possible to know God’s will in our lives?
  19. Talk about counseling Biblically.
  20. Is ethical egoism a logical moral code?

Top-rated Religious Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the effects of the Greek religion?
  2. Talk about the dynamics of religious systems.
  3. Discuss the connection between the soul and religion.
  4. Explain the classification of world religions.
  5. Discuss the impact of gender on religion.
  6. Analyze the reincarnation concept in modern religion.
  7. Discuss the Salvation concept in Siddhartha.
  8. Explain the impact of religious systems on democracy.
  9. Explain the difference between the Bible and the Quran.
  10. What are the global cultural models in religious systems?

Best Religious Research Paper Ideas

  1. The influence of religion in theocratic states.
  2. Explain polytheistic religion.
  3. The major triggers of peace and harmony.
  4. The relation between religion and the LGBT community.
  5. Examine the funeral rituals in different religions.
  6. Discuss the similarities and differences found in monotheistic cultures.
  7. The influence of the clergy on religion.
  8. Can faith be used to reduce the harshness of puberty?
  9. The causes of the faith crisis.
  10. The implications of trickster gods.
  11. Why children are considered innocent souls in religion?
  12. The implications of the technological error to religion.
  13. The impact of yoga on boosting health.
  14. Discuss the world religion.
  15. The influence of religious laws on morality.

Amazing Religious Research Topics

  1. Explain the basic concepts of religious books.
  2. Is polytheism a valid religious choice?
  3. The most ancient religions in the world.
  4. The endorsement of slavery by religions.
  5. The different obligations of religious groups in Arabic countries.
  6. Behavior rules in the Orthodox Church.
  7. Is Satanism a valid religion?
  8. The debate between religious groups and scientists.
  9. Big Bang Theory and Religion.
  10. The religious view of abortion.
  11. The importance of the church in building national well-being.
  12. What are the major problems faced by pagans?
  13. How to build peace in religion?
  14. The holy place of the world according to the Bible.
  15. What is the role of religion in society?
  16. The major changes were made through religious practices.
  17. Religion and Anthropology.
  18. Compare atheism and agnosticism.
  19. Explain the orthodox sacrament of marriage.
  20. Discuss the features of a saint.

Interesting Research Paper Topics on Religion

  1. How does the Bible boost religion?
  2. How does religion influence societal virtues?
  3. Write about Zoroastrianism in the modern world.
  4. Explain how atheism is the new world religion.
  5. The manifestation of totems in the modern world.
  6. The significance of baptism to people and infants.
  7. How do wars present politics as a cover when religion is at the core?
  8. How to justify military action through religious ethics?
  9. What makes different religions different from each other?
  10. How to combat terrorism using religion?
  11. Do all religious alignments lead to the same destination?
  12. Compare shamanism and modern religions.
  13. The influence of religion on economics.
  14. Which are the major religious cultures?
  15. What is the role of religion in politics?
  1. Religion and violence: How it affects uprisings and conflicts
  2. Why should the government give religion preferential treatment?
  3. Do all religious affiliations ultimately lead to the same place?
  4. When religion is at the heart of warfare, how can politics serve as a cover?
  5. What distinguishes the various religions from one another?
  6. Does a candidate’s religious beliefs affect their chances of winning an election?
  7. Analyze the tenets of the Western and Eastern world religions.
  8. Compare and contrast the religious practices in India now with those practiced during the 20th century.
  9. Can one justify the killing of an innocent person morally and religiously?
  10. Creation mythologies from many cultures. Review the different myths.

Informative Religious Research Topics

  1. Examine the emergence of the new religion and its subsequent effects.
  2. Analyze the negative effects of Buddhism.
  3. Examine the similarities and differences of the afterlife in diverse religions
  4. Explain how the Jewish people have navigated persecution so well over the centuries.
  5. Analyze the effects of forced religion on an individual
  6. Discuss Yoga and its subsequent impacts on health and religion
  7. Examine the role of female preachers in the congregation
  8. Write about the global cultural models in religious systems
  9. How does divinity exist in Egyptian beliefs?
  10. Write about the Religion in modern Japan

Final Words

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