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Do you have to submit a cybercrime research paper? Are you looking for the best cybercrime research topics for your law assignments? Well, to help you out, here, we have compiled a list of interesting essays and research topic ideas on cybercrimes. Continue reading this blog post and gain unique ideas for writing a cybercrime research paper or an essay.

What is a Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is a criminal activity that is committed using a computer, a network, or a networked device. In recent times, the internet plays a vital role in the daily life of an individual. Particularly, a lot of financial transactions and data sharing are happening over the internet. So, considering that many cybercrimes are being carried out by cybercriminals for generating a profit. Basically, cybercrimes are of three categories.

  • Crimes in which the computer is used as a weapon. E.g., launching a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, or malware attack.
  • Crimes in which a computer or networked device is a target. E.g., gaining network access.
  • Crimes in which a computer is used as an accessory to a crime. E.g., data theft, cyberstalking.

Under the above-mentioned categories, different types of cybercrimes are being carried out by cybercriminals. Cybercrimes include both monetary and non-monetary offenses. Mostly, cybercrimes result in damage to an individual, a device, or a government.

List of Cybercrimes

In the entire world, plenty of cybercrimes are happening. The masterminds behind all those dangerous crimes are the hackers with strong hacking and technical knowledge. Mainly, cybercrimes are carried out at locations where there is digital data.

Cybercrime Research Topics

Here is a list of some widely carried out cybercrimes across the world.

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Grooming
  • Child Pornography
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Online Job Fraud
  • Phishing
  • Online Sextortion
  • Smishing
  • Vishing
  • SIM Swap Scam
  • Sexting
  • Credit Card/Debit Card Fraud
  • Impersonation/Identity Theft
  • Ransomware
  • Viruses, Trojans, and Worms
  • Spamming
  • Pharming
  • DoS attack
  • Online Drug Trafficking
  • Data Breach
  • Cryptojacking
  • Cyber-Squatting
  • Espionage
  • Online Drug Trafficking
  • Website Defacement

In order to prevent cybercrimes and reduce the risk of cyberattacks, cyber security is practiced. Also, to handle all the cybercrimes, each country has a separate cybercrime department and they follow strict cyber laws.

Cybercrime Research Topics and Ideas

Nowadays, a lot of questions are being raised about cybercrimes. To get answers for them all, conducting research is the only option. In case, you are asked to craft a cybercrime research paper on the topic of your preference, consider any topic related to common cybercrime cases such as personal data theft, financial theft, cyber-extortion, drug trafficking, and terrorism.

Cybercrime Research Topics

Are you a law student who has a keen interest to analyze and study cybercrimes? If yes, then the list of the best cybercrime research topics recommended below will be helpful to you. Without any hesitation, explore the full list and select any topic that is comfortable for you to analyze and write about.

Best Cybercrime Research Topics

  1. What is the role of America in protecting corporations from cybercrime?
  2. Have a close look at cybercrime, cyber forensics, and digital evidence.
  3. Is cybercrime the top IT threat?
  4. Write about the necessity of cyber security in preventing cybercrimes.
  5. Discuss the international laws and regulations related to cybercrime.
  6. Explain the effects of the UAE Cybercrime policy.
  7. What are the toolkits used in cybercrimes?
  8. Discuss the cybercrimes in Singapore.
  9. Write about UAE cybercrime laws.
  10. Explain the impact of cybercrime on the global criminal justice system.
  11. Have a detailed look at international cyberwar.
  12. Talk about Cybercrimes in the US.
  13. Discuss identity theft and cybercrime in contemporary society.
  14. Explain the significance of digital education and creating awareness of cybercrime.
  15. What are the effects of cybercrime on the world’s major countries?
  16. What are the toolkits used in cybercrimes?
  17. Explain UAE cybercrime laws.
  18. What is the need for cyber security in preventing cybercrimes?
  19. Discuss the role of America in protecting corporations from cybercrime.
  20. Importance of raising cybercrime awareness and digital education
  21. Analyze some recent cases of cybercrime in the banking industry and its consequences
  22. Discuss the impact of IP (intellectual property) rights, cyber piracy, and cybercrime on domestic and international business with the latest examples
  23. Critically analyze the degree and frequency of cybercrime in the United States
  24. Analyse the Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Act 2012(Cth) (CLAA)
  25. Compare and contrast the cybercrime prevention laws in India and the United Kingdom
  26. Analyze the Cybersecurity Laws and Regulations Report 2023 USA
  27. What are the key measures to undertake by a company to protect the cloud computing environment from cybersecurity issues?
  28. Identify and analyze the components of broadband industry structure and cybercrime
  29. Discuss the relationship between cybercrime, the economy, privacy, hacking, and terrorism

Cybercrime Research Topics

Good Cybercrime Essay Topics

  1. What are all the effects of cybercrime on the world’s major countries?
  2. Discuss the cybercrimes in the healthcare industry.
  3. Explain the developments in hacking.
  4. Discuss the trends of the future of good cybercrime.
  5. Write about Cybercrimes in Australia.
  6. What are the impacts of cybercrime on the banking industry?
  7. Is identity theft a cybercrime?
  8. Should capital punishment be given for cybercrime?
  9. Discuss the solutions for cybercrimes in Information Technology.
  10. Talk about cybercrime and social media.
  11. Explain the cybercrime challenges in public universities.
  12. Have a closer look at business fraud and cybercrime.
  13. Write about cybercrimes in India.
  14. Discuss terrorist cyberattacks with an example.
  15. Explain the impact of cybercrime on a government.
  16. Discuss the five biggest cyber security trends in 2022
  17. Remote working risks of cybersecurity
  18. Importance of Password-only Authentication in restricting cybercrime
  19. The Rise of Ransomware: Discuss

Unique Cybercrime Research Topics

  1. How to explain cybercrime using criminological theories?
  2. How does crypto jacking work?
  3. Track the evolution of online scams.
  4. Analyze the implications of the Cyberpunk 2077 leak.
  5. How do cybercrimes afflict retail shops?
  6. What are man-in-the-middle attacks?
  7. What are the various phases of a DDoS attack?
  8. How to mitigate a denial-of-service attack?
  9. Analyze the success rate of email scams.
  10. Describe the working of WannaCry malware.
  11. Describe what happens during a Brute Force attack.
  12. How does ransomware work?
  13. How to protect children from cyberbullying?
  14. Have a closer look at big data and increased cybercrimes.
  15. Compare various types of fraud methods.
  16. What are identity theft and cybercrime in contemporary society
  17. Discuss the statistics on cybercrime as well as Fraud

Outstanding Cybercrime Essay Questions

  1. How to fight cybercrimes?
  2. Discuss the predictive models in cybercrime investigation.
  3. What are the major reasons for cybercrimes?
  4. What is hacking?
  5. How to avoid hacking?
  6. Whose responsibility is cybercrime?
  7. Discuss the cost of cybercrime and digital spying.
  8. How does cybercrime affect domestic and foreign business?
  9. How to investigate cybercrime?
  10. Discuss the link between fraud and invisible attackers.

Top-rated Cybercrime Research Topics

  1. Explain the difference between pharming and phishing.
  2. Explain the term “cyberwarfare.”
  3. Can hacking be ethical?
  4. How can online consumers protect themselves from fraud?
  5. Is jailbreaking a crime?
  6. How can parents monitor their children’s behavior on the web?
  7. How to prevent cyberbullying in the online learning environment?
  8. Would cyber communism decrease bullying?
  9. Discuss the connection between political protests and hacking.
  10. Talk about the mental health effects of internet bullying.
  11. Who is responsible for online misbehavior?
  12. Who are white hat and black hat hackers?
  13. Explain the effects and solutions of catfishing.
  14. Should schools teach online etiquette?
  15. Does internet anonymity bring out the worst in people?
  16. How to stay safe online?
  17. How does a firewall help to protect the network?
  18. Explain how cyberbullying differs from in-person harassment.
  19. How to cope with online harassment?
  20. Write about phishing and scam on the internet.

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Excellent Research Topics on Cybercrime

  1. Write about the importance of cybercrime management.
  2. Explain the history of cybercrime.
  3. Discuss the effects of cybercrime on the Internet economy.
  4. Talk about the cyberattack on Sony Pictures in 2014.
  5. Explain how technology has influenced the evolution of cybercrime.
  6. Discuss the social effects of cyberbullying on children.
  7. What are the signs of phishing attempts?
  8. What emergency action should an individual take after being hacked?
  9. Research and explain the significant cyber threats to US national security.
  10. Different types of cybercriminals.
  11. How do private sectors battle cybercrimes?
  12. Discuss the impacts of mobile devices on cyber security.
  13. Take a closer look at cyberfeminism and social media.
  14. Compare the functions of various antivirus programs.
  15. Discuss the pros and cons of various InfoSec certificates.

Amazing Cybercrime Research Paper Topics

  1. Evaluate the issues related to botnets.
  2. What are the phases of a Trojan horse attack?
  3. Discuss the effective policy of cyberspace.
  4. Talk about cyber terrorism in the aviation sector.
  5. Explain the types of scams associated with cybercrime.
  6. Discuss the potential effects the cyber currencies have on South African Businesses.
  7. How the automotive software of smart cars can be protected from cyberattacks?
  8. Discuss the effects of cyberbullying on teen suicides.
  9. Have a closer look at the cyber policy and strategy of the United Kingdom.
  10. What are the dangers of public Wi-Fi networks?

High-quality Cybercrime Research Ideas

  1. Describe the technology of unlocking a phone through facial recognition and the fingerprint of the owner of the phone
  2. Select a company from the United States and discuss their efforts and strategies to ensure cyber security
  3. Discuss the reasons that make every individual aware when it comes to safeguarding and protecting personal data and information from hackers
  4. Face recognition vs. a simple security code vs. fingerprint: Which is the safest locking option for smart devices and why?
  5. The increasing use of the internet consecutively increases the likelihood of adolescents and young adults engaging in cybercrime-related activities (e.g., email and internet fraud, identify fraud)
  6. Compare and contrast the effects of Phishing Emails, DoS (Denial of Service) Attacks, and Social Engineering
  7. Describe the history of cybercrime and the way cybercriminals have introduced different strategies to commit such crimes over the past decades
  8. Discuss the similarities and differences between distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and DoS (Denial of service) attacks
  9. Examination of the consequences a community or society would have to bear in case a hacker targeted the entire state
  10. Is purchasing from e-commerce sites such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist more ethical and safe compared to buying from other online marketplaces? Explain with reasons and the cyber security strategies of the aforementioned sites.

Impressive Cybercrime Research Topics

  1. Explain the importance of parental control mechanisms on children’s computers.
  2. What are effective strategies to cope with online harassment?
  3. Establish a link between feminism and the fight against cyberstalking.
  4. Analyze online gaming behavior from a psychological standpoint.
  5. How did industrial espionage evolve into hacking?
  6. Describe how an SQL injection attack unfolds.
  7. What are the safest ways to ensure data integrity?
  8. Discuss the pros and Cons of various cryptographic methods.
  9. How can a person reach maximum technological security?
  10. Explain the mechanics of password protection.

Final Words

From the list of ideas suggested above, choose any topic that matches your requirements and craft a detailed cybercrime research paper with proper citations and proofs to prove your thesis statement. In case, you need an expert to offer you help with cybercrime research paper topic selection and writing, get in touch with us immediately. We have numerous professional writers who are experts in the field of law and cybercrime to provide assignment help online according to your needs.

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