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In the modern digital world, communication has gained a new shape because of the latest innovations in technology. Especially, social media has taken over media broadcasting, and technology-based communication platforms have replaced traditional letter communication. As the field of communication is continuously evolving, in recent times, a lot of students are interested in conducting research on communication topics. If you are one such student who is desirous to perform research on areas related to communication, then this blog post is for you. Here, we have suggested 150+ unique communication research topics that you can consider for your projects or assignments. Read this blog and get incredible ideas for preparing your communication research paper.

Communication Research Paper Topic Selection Tips

Basically, communication is a vast field of study that contains numerous research topics and ideas. But the real challenge lies in identifying one right topic out of many. If you are assigned a task to write a research paper on communication topics, then keep the following tips in mind during the topic selection.

  1. Choose a topic matching your interest.
  2. Go with the topic on the latest and trending communication technology to make your research paper stand out in the crowd.
  3. Pick a topic that has a wide scope of research and discussion.
  4. Select the topic that has many references in online and printed sources.
  5. Pick a narrow topic that is easy for you to complete the research. Never go with a broad topic because you may miss certain important research areas involved in it, and it will also be difficult for you to complete the entire research on broad topics.

Communication Research Topics

List of Communication Research Paper Topics

Research topics on communication are vast. For your communication research paper writing, you can consider the communication research paper topics on mass communication, social media, business communication, interpersonal communication and virtual communication.

Listed below are the best communication research topic ideas that you can look out for while writing your thesis or research paper.

Top Communication Research Topics

Simple Communication Research Topics

  1. The history of communication
  2. Why is radio still popular?
  3. How accurate is news from the media?
  4. Media censorship
  5. Media as a watchdog
  6. The impact of the freedom of speech on media
  7. Virtual reality in the media
  8. How are media laws effective in ensuring credible reporting?
  9. Theories of communication
  10. What is journalism ethics?
  11. Models of communication
  12. Importance of communication in developing personal life and professional career
  13. Importance of non-verbal communication in journalism
  14. Exchange and persuasion of interpersonal information
  15. Journalism practice in Newly Emerged Spaces
  16. Networked Journalism Concept
  17. Importance of digital communication for businesses
  18. Traditional communication channels versus modern communication channels
  19. The use of Virtual reality in the future communication
  20. Personality differences and their impact on negotiation techniques
  21. Strategies to deal with fake news
  22. Discuss the use of jargon and register in communication

Communication Research Topics

Mass Communication Research Paper Topics

  1. The constitutional provisions for mass media.
  2. Mass media and democracy
  3. An analysis of the role of mass media in rebranding
  4. The attitude of viewers and listeners towards mass media
  5. Are the airwaves truly liberated?
  6. Challenges facing freedom of the press in various countries
  7. The effects of the internet on media ethics and standards
  8. Mass media with the law of defamation
  9. Growth of private media ownership
  10. Is print media still competitive?
  11. State broadcasting versus private broadcasting
  12. Mass communication and media
  13. Dangers faced by journalists.
  14. How effective are phone-in programmes?
  15. The impact of digital media.
  16. Importance of integrated communication
  17. Influence of mass communication in driving social changes and reforms
  18. Political rhetoric on local, state, national, or international level
  19. Shadow-Authoritarianism in the field of mass communication
  20. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression in the United States
  21. Journalism Ethics: Good news vs Bad News
  22. Influence of technology on journalism

Communication Research Topics on Social Media

  1. Is social media taking over the broadcast media?
  2. The effectiveness of social media marketing
  3. Have Facebook and WhatsApp taken over family time?
  4. Crime and Social Media
  5. What measures can curb false information on social media?
  6. The growth of fake profiles
  7. The impact of social media on academic progress
  8. The speed of news on social media
  9. How social media has led to a kidnapping
  10. What is the future of social media?
  11. A study of policies related to social media
  12. How has social media contributed to plagiarism and piracy?
  13. How has social media connected and disconnected people at the same time?
  14. Who is responsible for ethics on social media?
  15. The effectiveness of social media on campaigns
  16. Drawbacks of using social media platforms in communication
  17. How to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information shared on social media platforms?
  18. Is social media responsible for increasing the rate of crime among adolescents?
  19. Impact of social media on mental health?
  20. Peer influence on social media and teenage sexting
  21. How Facebook has revolutionized marketing
  22. The role of social networking sites like Twitter during disasters
  23. The most effective methods of personal data protection when using social networking websites

Business Communication Research Topics

  1. Business to business communication
  2. Vital issues in organizational communication
  3. Practices for effective business communication
  4. Dealing with organizational uncertainty
  5. Corporate communication and public relations
  6. Management of communication crisis in organizations
  7. E-mail writing and management in the workplace
  8. How to effectively handle external communication
  9. Effective horizontal communication in the workplace
  10. A study of proper communication channels
  11. Intercultural communication in a competitive global business environment
  12. How to craft a top-notch business letter
  13. The relationship between social media and organizations
  14. Change management and culture of organizations
  15. Corporate social responsibility communication
  16. Development of marketing value using excellent communication skills
  17. How are communication skills essential in marketing?
  18. How can brand awareness be made possible through communication?
  19. Practical communication skills for the growth of profit
  20. How has the sharing of messages affected the business market?
  21. How can organizations benefit immensely from the press?
  22. The media and the economic crisis
  23. Symbols and critical features of effective business communication
  24. How to handle a crisis communicational?
  25. A guide to writing an effective organizational communique
  26. Corporate Social Responsibility Communication
  27. Crisis Communication

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Interpersonal Communication Research Ideas

  1. Interpersonal communication deceptions
  2. Emotion and its impact on communication
  3. What is the barrier to language and verbal communication?
  4. A study of perception in interpersonal communication
  5. How is the connection between family and intimate relationships?
  6. Interpersonal communication: A study of self-discourse
  7. How effective is non-verbal communication?
  8. Factors affecting interpersonal communication
  9. The importance of listening in conversation.
  10. Relational development in communication
  11. Dealing with blindness as a barrier to interpersonal communication
  12. The growth of social and personal relationships
  13. Conflicts arising from interpersonal communication
  14. Culture and communication
  15. Competence of interpersonal communication
  16. Gender differences in interpersonal communication
  17. Power in communication: misuse of power in relationships
  18. Crossing cultures in communication

Virtual Communication Research Topics

  1. Interpersonal communication in virtual reality.
  2. Communication in the virtual reality age.
  3. Building trust in virtual teams.
  4. Communication in global virtual teams: digital analysis.
  5. “Virtual classroom:” an interactive information exchange & computer-mediated learning space.
  6. Virtual dialogue & cultural expression.
  7. Communication medium & team interaction styles.
  8. Virtual team dialogue training.
  9. Computer-mediated communication & the virtual culture concept.
  10. Nonverbal dialogue in virtual environments.
  11. Discuss the impact of computer-mediated communication.
  12. How Webinars are reshaping Education?

Interesting Communication Research Topics

  1. Interactive online communication and its impact on public relations outcomes
  2. Advertising as a means of communication
  3. Teaching culture and intercultural communication
  4. Leadership and key communication process
  5. Speech as a communication type
  6. Decrypting media messages
  7. How broadcasting media is effective in promoting the use of contraceptives?
  8. Peer communication effects in social media on purchase patterns.
  9. The media as a tool for enhancing profitability
  10. How do facial expressions affect interpersonal communication?
  11. How communication has helped prevent or reduce the spread of malaria?
  12. How to use the media as the tool for promoting profitability?
  13. How business interchanges play a critical role in business improvement

Impressive Communication Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the Role of Science communication & public relations.
  2. Explain how journalism and communication intersect.
  3. Analyze the communication divide between political parties.
  4. Discuss how communities foster modern communication.
  5. Mitigating corruption in modern communication.
  6. Assess the effectiveness of intercultural communication.
  7. Explain how video communication can affect relationships.
  8. Discuss the future of cross-media communication.
  9. Explain the importance of strategic communication.
  10. Write about the usage of modern communication tools in negotiations.

Latest Communication Research Topics

  1. The growth of video blogs
  2. The role of bloggers in social media
  3. New communication technologies
  4. Phonology and sign language as the means of modern communication
  5. Social networks in the modern world
  6. How does race impact modern communication?
  7. Digital cognition and virtual communication across the world
  8. Racism as a hindrance to effective communication
  9. What is the future of communication?
  10. How effective are Skype and Zoom meetings?
  11. Technology and its impact on communication
  12. Communication tips in handling a depression case
  13. How do politicians use communication as a campaign tool?
  14. Growth of fake news as a result of social media
  15. What is the specific language used in the negotiation?
  16. Is communication the trademark of a great leader?
  17. Ways to improve non-verbal communication.
  18. The growing trend of teenage texting and its impact on relationships
  19. How effective is interpersonal communication in persuasion?
  20. Traditional discussion versus virtual communication
  1. Yellow Journalism and Social Role
  2. Speech as Communication Type
  3. Evolution of Horizontal Communication in Business
  4. Discuss the future prospect of digital communication practices of human for the organizational purposes
  5. Analysis of the benefits and limitations of using information and communication technologies (ICTs) for entrepreneurs
  6. Analyze the connections between social entrepreneurship or social innovation and digital communication
  7. Discuss the way the information and communication technologies shaped organizational communication
  8. Discuss the relationship between career development, communication, socialization and entrepreneurship
  9. Insights in Science and Environmental Communication: 2023
  10. Discuss the role advertising plays in the marketing communication of global business organizations with examples
  11. Explore the dark side of workplace communication over digital means of communication
  12. Discuss the impact of visual narratives in the field of science and health communication
  13. Discuss the role played by women in political communication over the past three decades


From the list of 150+ engaging research topics and ideas recommended here, choose any topic and craft a detailed communication research paper with relevant facts and evidence. In case, you need any other unique research topic or if you are unsure how to write a communication research paper, reach out to us immediately.

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