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    Whether you are a psychology student or a law student an engineering student or pursuing any other subject you would have to compose a case study on a topic that could be either assigned to you or you may have the freedom to choose one. If you are writing a case study on Telstra you may need Telstra case study help from experts in the USA for composing the paper or for solving any difficulty that you have encountered while writing the content.

    If this is the first time you are writing a case study then you should start working on it as soon as you receive the topic or assigned a case study to work on. The more you delay the harder it will get for you to compose the paper because you have no idea about the format, rules regulations, tone, content anything at all. Start with understanding the paper read samples from Telstra case study help services that offer sample papers for free.

    Impact of IT in the business of Telstra according to our Telstra case study homework helpers

    Our Telstra case study helpers explain the impact of information technology on the business of Telstra and the points are as follows :

    • Information Technology can be defined as a technology that works with the maintenance development along with the use of computer systems for distributing and processing information effectively. Telstra is known to be the leading telecommunication technology in Australia.
    • Information technology is one of the most crucial and integral parts of the business plan Telstra every business requires technology to run a smooth business and it is no different when it comes to Telstra
    • IT plays a key role in developing effective communication between the company and the stakeholders along with the customers. Is used as a way of communication between employees, Suppliers and customers intelstra. The information technology also assists in managing and maintaining the inventory of Telstra the inventory management system helps to keep track of the quantity of every product that is maintained by the company. The system effectively connects with the POS system to ensure smooth operations.
    • When it comes to data management information technology is required in the company for managing the database. It also handles the storing amount of historical data which allows the employees to have easy access.
    • information technology also helps in managing information systems as the companies have to keep track of various information that includes productivity level sales and expenses.
    • It also helps in customer relationship management by improving the design. The CRM system allows the company to keep a record and capture the different interactions with the customers.
    • This concludes that information technology plays a crucial role and is important for Telstra as it provides a lot of opportunities for the company to plan and run smoothly.

    Importance of IT in the business of Telstra

    When it comes to understanding the importance of IT and its significance in a company like Telstra the following points can shed light on the facts.

    • Business growth and marketing in the recent* the growth of business and marketing is completely dependent on Digitalization that includes blogging SMS social media marketing email shot etc.
    • Next comes customer satisfaction and support as we all know that it contributes a lot and is an important factor in Telstra for effective communication with the customers and the employees. The company takes advantage of customer support management and collects pivotal information for understanding the customer’s behaviour towards the products and services
    • If you talk about resource management and globalisation you will find out that information technology has significantly contributed to automating and solving several complex issues using user-friendly solutions. The people who are responsible for managing and monitoring the structure of the company are the managers of Telstra.

    Key facts about telecommunication

    Telstra is an Australian telecommunication company that was initially a part of the Postmaster’s General Department and then it became a separate company in the year 1901.

    • ACT decided to rebuild the Australian telecommunication corporation in 1989.
    • The overseas telecommunication commission OT C was merged with an Australian telecommunications corporation in 1992. It was a separate government body which was separated in 1946. The two companies merged to form a transitory company AOTC Australia and an overseas telecommunication corporation and then it continued its business under the already established characteristics of telecommunication and overseas telecommunications.
    • It might interest you to know that in the year 1993 AOTC was renamed Telstra Corporation Ltd. So the amalgamation of both telecommunication and Australia developed the town Telstra for the telecommunication giant. To break it down the first half is tel taken from the word telecommunication and the second half of the word Telstra is taken from the word Australia.
    • The company Telstra has always faced a neck to neck competition with another organization called Optus which is the second largest telecommunication company in Australia. The competition between the two giants started in the early 90s and it is still going on along with other small telecommunication companies.
    • Telstra was privatised in different stages which were termed T1 T2 and T3. The first stage T1 happened in the year 1997 after that the second stage was privatized in 1999 and the third stage took place in 2006.
    • Telstra Digital was coming into existence and the announcement was made in February 2011 which was under the leadership of Gerd Schenkel. The main idea of the formation of Telstra Digital was to grow and advance in the digital areas to provide client facilities.
    • Moreover Telstra decided to bring a new brand identity in October 2011 along with a colour scheme the identity had a new tagline called ‘It’s how we connect.’
    • Telstra has a local marketing application that came into existence in June 2014 and the application can be used on both Android and IOS devices.
    • Telstra has expanded and grown so much that it funds various honours around Australia and it has received prestigious awards like Australian Business of the Year the Telstra award known as the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award NATSIAA and the MYOB small business award.

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