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    About Ford Motor Company case study help

    Our Ford Motor Company case study helpers in the USA explain that Ford Motor Company is also known as Ford and it is a multinational automobile manufacturer. The company has its headquarters in Dearborn Michigan United States. Henry Ford founded the company in the year 1903. The company mainly sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the brand name Ford along with luxury cars which are sold under the brand name Lincoln. Apart from that pod also owns a 32% stake in Jiangling Motors in China along with that it has joint ventures in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey. The company is controlled by the Ford family and they have minority ownership but the majority of the voting power and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

    Ford industry analysis by Ford Motor Company case study helpers in the USA

    As we all know that the automobile industry is extremely competitive and the latest technology and design changes in the vehicles are some of its characteristics like any other sector the motor vehicle industrial landscape and its structure are ever changing and its functions, operations, and geography.

    The highly competitive market has resulted in emerging automotive and vehicle industries in Central and Eastern Europe countries Asian countries and South American countries. The main structures of this industry are motor vehicle parts sections and motor vehicles

    The mentioned sections always have a high demand for employment and it has more than one million people in the USA working in this sector. The industry is somewhat connected to the term supply chain structure compensation employment levels. The market is also understood with the excess capacity which is one of the main structural issues.

    Based on a case study Ford Motor Company is the only apex company that was not affected by the financial crisis that affected in 2007 and 2008 global financial crisis and other major players in the business-like General Motors and Chrysler.

    The major players of Ford Motor Company are Honda, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Chryslers, BMW, Hyundai Kia, and Toyota to name a few. When it comes to the US market General Motors, Toyota, and Honda at the biggest competitors of Ford Motor Company. As we already know that the competitive advantage comes with the different strategies used by different automakers.

    The SWOT analysis of Ford Motor Company- Online Ford Motor Company case study help

    Our Ford Motor Company study helpers explain the swat analysis of Ford Motor Company and elaborate on the strength weaknesses opportunities and threats of the company and they are as follows ;

    The main strength of the Ford Motor Company

    • The company has decided to opt for the lean production strategy of Toyota company which reduces waste and inventories.
    • The Ford Company is known all over the world and with its powerful brand it has several brand product portfolios.
    • The brand portfolios namely Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus are beneficial as they are the company’s competitive advantage.
    • It is one of the earliest manufacturers of cars in the world so it has well established itself and has a market share of more than 15%.
    • It is also the second largest manufacturer of motor vehicles and vehicle sellers’ word has a huge financial capacity and is capable of investing in the latest technologies.
    • The Ford Motor Company uses flexible manufacturing strategies that are based on modern technologies which improve the production of sophisticated engines.
    • The company has a huge production of cars and trucks that are sold and distributed in various markets in the world.
    • One of the biggest advantages of the company is that the pot products are sold on six continents which ultimately increases the presence in the global markets making it one of the biggest trends.
    • The company has developed alliances with other automakers like Tata, Maruti, Toyota, Fiat, BMW, Peugeot, Mazda, and GM.

    The main weaknesses of Ford Motor Company

    • One of the many witnesses of Ford Motor Company is that it has to depend on outsourcing for various components which helps them to maintain flexibility and reduce the cost.
    • The company and the automaker have to rely on the us market which has somewhere become saturated with cheap and fuel-efficient Japanese cars.
    • The emergence of European and Japanese manufacturers in the USA and other markets has reduced the seller of Ford motor company products.
    • The company still manufactures cars that are not fuel efficient even though the market trends have changed.
    • The Ford Motor Company had a surge in sales in the year 2018 during the financial crisis.

    The significant opportunities of Ford Motor Company

    • One of the main opportunities that the company enjoys is that the markets in Asian countries like India and China which has a high population so they can cater to a larger audience.
    • They are producing fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars and they can enjoy the new market.
    • The company can benefit from cost production if it establishes production plants in India and China where the labor market is cheaper than in other places.
    • The company has used advanced technology and it is giving them the benefit and opportunity to manufacture and produce hybrid engines which is one of the trending markets for fuel-efficient cars.
    • The extensive consumer base has allowed the company to improve its business and it has become an encouragement for the company to explore new markets and expand in different parts of the world.

    The main threats to the Ford Motor Company

    • There are a few threats from the competitors such as Honda, Nissan, Hyundai Kia, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Chrysler, and General Motors to name a few.
    • Recently consumers are preferring poor efficient cars and they are shifting from high-fuel-consuming cars so it has become a bit of a threat to the company.
    • The financial crisis in Europe is another threat where the company shares its market.
    • The economic slowdown in the USA could lower the purchasing power of people and it can reduce sales.
    • The latest trend of the new entrance like hybrid cars which are based on modern technology is a threat to the Ford Motor Company.

    Topics covered by our Ford Motor Company case study helpers online

    There are various topics that our Ford Motor Company case study helps services in the USA cover and they bring the best topics which are diverse and has a lot of information available so students do not have to struggle for information. The following are some of the topics that we cover

    • Digital versus Physical Marketing
    • The future of marketing methods in the post-Covid-19 world.
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    • Study of consumer motivation and preferences when choosing durable goods.
    • The negativity connected with McDonald’s.
    • Brand development methods
    • The unique strategies and popularity of Apple Inc.
    • The study of individual purchasing decision-making.
    • Is marketing to children acceptable?
    • The German Automotive Industry in the American market.
    • The differences between female and male target marketing methods.
    • Marketing case for website traffic growth.
    • Assess the competitive environment of the market in many areas.
    • Bank design idea.
    • Search for a new product idea.

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