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In the academic paper writing process, selecting a good dissertation topic is the first step. Mainly, to attract the audience, you should have a relevant dissertation topic in your field of study. A thesis or dissertation paper is often prepared by students who are doing a master’s or a Ph.D. degree to complete their graduation. Right now, do you want to write an excellent dissertation paper? Are you searching for the best dissertation topics? Continue reading this blog post and get a list of interesting dissertation topic ideas in various disciplines. Also, learn about the dissertation topic selection.

dissertation topics

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is academic writing prepared based on original research. It is usually submitted as a part of the academic degree. In the dissertation paper, you should include all of your findings as a response to the research question. Basically, when writing the paper, you should focus on presenting the original hypothesis. Before writing the dissertation, perform deep research. The paper should be 200 to 300 pages in length on the selected dissertation topic.

Dissertation Topic Selection Tips

Finding a good topic is the first step in the dissertation paper writing process. When identifying an excellent dissertation topic, keep the following things in mind.

  1. Give preference to the topic in your field of study.
  2. The topic should be flexible for research and discussions.
  3. Choose a topic from an area where you have strong knowledge.
  4. Before selecting a topic, do initial research and check whether the topic is already discussed or not.
  5. The topic you choose should be unique or focus on a new issue.
  6. Also, check whether your selected topic has enough information and reference sources.
  7. The topic should apply to further academic studies or future career goals.
  8. If the topic is too broad, narrow it down.
  9. The topic should have enough research data.
  10. The topic should generate inspiration or emotion in the minds of the readers.

Sticking to the above-mentioned tips will help you pick a good dissertation topic. During the topic selection, never depend on a single idea. Have a backup plan with a list of three to five topic ideas. If your initial dissertation idea fails, you can use any idea from your backup plan.

List of Unique Dissertation Topics

Topic selection is a tough process to deal with. Generally, it needs a lot of time and effort to search and find a unique dissertation topic. Hence, to make your topic selection process easier, here we have prepared a list of innovative dissertation topics in different fields of study.

Dissertation Topics

If you are running short of ideas, feel free to go through the whole list and pick an ideal topic of your choice.

Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Workplace ethics in small businesses.
  2. What factors determine employees’ work satisfaction?
  3. How does unsteadiness in the stock market impact business operations?
  4. Internet banking: barriers to usage.
  5. Social entrepreneurship for large companies.
  6. Current trends in consumer behavior in relation to advertising.
  7. An empirical analysis of the impact of organizational performance and leadership.
  8. What can business managers do to bridge the gap between generations?
  9. Research the benefits of global and local brand management.
  10. How do natural disasters impact the demand for important things?
  11. Study the link between a company’s success and innovation.
  12. Analyze which country’s margin financing is effective and why.
  13. The art of delegation: how to do it and when to avoid it.
  14. Organizational changes: What factors impact change?
  15. Economic growth and environmental problems in international business.
  16. How different patterns of business-government relations affect processes of industrial upgrading: A case study of emerging economies.
  17. How do multinational organizations tackle the growing complexity of managing themselves in light of the rise to significant power of non-governmental organizations?
  18. A look at the effect that Brexit is likely to have on British businesses, especially the average small and medium enterprise (SME).
  19. How will Brexit impact on the regulatory burden of large businesses and corporations in the United Kingdom and Europe?
  20. Business-Government relations within a contingency theory framework: strategy, structure, fit, and performance.

Computer Science Dissertation Topics

  1. Best algorithms for cluster generation.
  2. Development of a mobile application for government workers.
  3. An overview of malicious botnets and network worms.
  4. A simulation between nodes in a social network.
  5. Software verification algorithms.
  6. Cybersecurity challenges for automated vehicles.
  7. Analyze how e-publishing is affecting libraries.
  8. Analyze how full-text databases affect search engines.
  9. Management of integrations between communication technologies and IoT solutions in the city.
  10. Reengineering of business processes.
  11. Protection of systems against terror attacks.
  12. Web-based document management systems using XML.
  13. Automated control systems.
  14. Development of a model for secure communication via USB interface
  15. Methods for improving Open Web Architecture.
  16. Conducting autonomous navigation within both indoor and outdoor environments and settings.
  17. How to improve the value of inter-organizational knowledge management using IT?
  18. Intelligent Marketing: Applying the concepts and methods of artificial intelligence in advertising & marketing process.
  19. Computing a virtual model of an environment using an autonomous mobile robot.
  20. How to identify the cybersecurity challenges of adopting automated vehicles in the United Kingdom?

Dissertation Ideas on Education

  1. The problems of adult graduates with learning new technologies.
  2. Does learning existentialism cause suicides?
  3. Integrating the computer into the curriculum.
  4. To what extent can reality television be disempowering for students?
  5. The impact of teachers’ shocking behaviors in helping students’ creativity.
  6. Pedagogical conditions for the prevention of illegal behavior in high-school students.
  7. Academic achievements of students who decide to become teachers.
  8. The influence of the internet on the emotional maturity of students.
  9. Informal learning in rural areas via social networks.
  10. The role of homework in the lives of immigrant teens.
  11. Examination and determination of the ways and amendments through which a school system itself can narrow the gap in education outcomes for vulnerable groups
  12. Explore Marx’s Conflict Theory in education in the context of the public school system of the United Kingdom that is maintaining a social status quo
  13. Analyze the national curriculum towards the sociological outcomes for students, as compared to the economic outcomes for them
  14. The theory of Neo-liberalism acts as a guiding framework for the education system of the United Kingdom: Explain with justification

Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Modern methods of evaluating the financial potential of a company.
  2. Tools for testing the investment attractiveness of a business.
  3. Valuation of a startup using a disruptive business model.
  4. International outsourcing as a tool to improve efficiency in international business.
  5. Government regulation of the rehabilitation of credit institutions in the United States.
  6. The details of accounting and the system of internal control in the construction business.
  7. Methodological approaches to evaluate financial markets.
  8. Maintaining the financial stability of the enterprise at different stages of its lifecycle.
  9. Development budget and investment process: a way for financing public investment.
  10. Prevention of serious problems in the financial market.

History Dissertation Topic

History Dissertation Ideas

  1. History of youth movements in France.
  2. How did the First Ladies influence life in 20th century America?
  3. Sects in the USA of the last century.
  4. Explore the role of democratization in the Soviet Union collapse.
  5. Determine the influence of the stock market crash in 1929 on the World Wars.
  6. The bad after-effects of World War II: major historical events.
  7. Explore the role of the Bible in Jewish history.
  8. What was the role of China in the Cold War?
  9. Gender Perceptions in the Middle Ages.
  10. The effects of Christianization in sub-Saharan Africa.

Humanities and Arts Dissertation Topics

  1. Fundraising in the cultural industry.
  2. Discuss regional dances as a ritual.
  3. Development of musical genres of the second millennium.
  4. Design as art.
  5. Theater systems in the staging work of choreographers.
  6. The social value of eco-poetry.
  7. Formation of artistic taste among teens by means of arts and crafts.
  8. Study the important event of the hero archetype.
  9. Stylistic qualities of a certain designer.
  10. Assess dancing as a form of deep thinking.
  11. An analysis and case study of artists and art during times of war.
  12. Examine the intersection of ecology and arts.
  13. The history of movies: past and present.
  14. Folk dances across Western Europe.
  15. The social importance of design.

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Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Legal practices for preventing possible future pandemics.
  2. Provide a critical analysis of the law of omission liability.
  3. A critical analysis of the reform of homicide laws.
  4. Digital technologies of circulation and legal protection of intellectual activity.
  5. Enforcing rules on domestic violence.
  6. Illegal immigrants and their rights in the US justice system.
  7. Research ways of online journalism protection.
  8. Criminalization of violence against women.
  9. Legal regulation of innovative technologies in business in the country.
  10. Corpus delicti is a basis for criminal liability.
  11. Review the set of laws dealing with foreign involvement in elections.
  12. A detailed analysis of gender and race profiling of suspects in the criminal justice system.
  13. Health standards for immigrant detention centers in the US.
  14. Features of legal hearings in cases involving foreign people.
  15. The legal nature and features of the private property of legal businesses.

Dissertation Topics on Marketing and Management

  1. Overview of business negotiation methods using technology.
  2. A study of workers’ resistance to change.
  3. Applying strategic human capital principles in practice.
  4. Managing diverse teams: a qualitative analysis.
  5. The role of visual merchandising in e-commerce.
  6. Study change management in SMEs in times of crisis.
  7. Research the relationship between management style and employee productivity.
  8. Formation of a marketing strategy for a small business.
  9. Ways of integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices.
  10. Creation and promotion of a domestic geo-brand.
  11. Analyze the best leadership styles for SMEs.
  12. Industry analysis: strategic opportunities and attractiveness assessment.
  13. Study the rise of influencer marketing.
  14. How do leadership styles relate to work satisfaction?
  15. The effect of social media marketing on brand perception.
  16. Improving the organization’s pricing strategy
  17. Is marketing towards model devices effective?
  18. Development of a management system for a construction organization.
  19. Competitive strategy for the companies in a changing environment.
  20. Development of a marketing strategy for an innovative enterprise.
  21. The future of big data uses in marketing.
  22. Google Analytics insights for marketing campaigns.
  23. Explore the relationship between marketing strategies and sales.
  24. YouTube marketing: the effectiveness of videos for brand promotion.
  25. Examine the changes entrepreneurship underwent in the past decades.

Nursing Dissertation Ideas

  1. Assess gender differences in nursing research.
  2. What are the details of pain management in obstetrical nursing?
  3. Modern aspects of nursing care for patients with neuropathies of the lower extremities.
  4. Describe the details of nursing in rural areas.
  5. The role of the nurses in caring for patients in the palliative care unit.
  6. Nursing for autistic patients: the best strategies.
  7. What are the challenges of asthma management for nurses?
  8. The role of the nurses in rehabilitation after cardiac surgery
  9. The consultations of nurses for spinal cord injuries.
  10. A holistic approach to obesity management in nursing.

Architecture Research Topics

  1. Creativity in postmodernist architecture.
  2. Commercial architecture: aesthetics and usability.
  3. Formation of an accessible environment for people with limited ability to move around.
  4. New technologies in construction.
  5. Innovations in structural design in the digital age.
  6. Small scale homes: a study of growing interest in small housing.
  7. Research ways of using wood in modern architecture.
  8. Discuss the multiculturalism of contemporary urban architecture.
  9. Analyze the design of city-based buildings in the US.
  10. Renewable energy in home design.

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Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. Details of transgender mental health.
  2. Art therapy is a practical method.
  3. How sensible thinking and impulse contribute to decision-making.
  4. What’s the effect of emotional resilience on mental health?
  5. Psychological methods of preventing stress in professional activities
  6. Study the psychology of racism and ways to combat it.
  7. A demonstration of the multi-dimensional nature of schizophrenia.
  8. Analyze the relationship between emotional and episodic memory.
  9. Correlation between the level of anxiety and adaptability for foreign students.
  10. Understanding how the prefrontal cortex makes us human.
  11. How exposure to nature affects happiness.
  12. A comparison of the flexibility of the child’s brain and the adult brain.
  13. Personal traits of convicts undergoing compulsory treatment.
  14. A systematic analysis and review of the psychology of religion.
  15. What factors affect women’s self-esteem at work?

Ecology Dissertation Topics

  1. Innovative methods of detecting and putting out forest fires.
  2. Reforestation after clear-felling.
  3. Ecological history of water and soil pollution by industrial plants.
  4. Technical solutions to improve the technology of domestic wastewater treatment at the business.
  5. Dynamics of industrial pollution.
  6. Development of technical and technological solutions to create a safe production.
  7. Assessment of anthropogenic impact on the state of air based on integrated background monitoring.
  8. Changes in the acidity of precipitation upon contact with the urban environment.
  9. The structure and activity of the bodies of the federal system of search and rescue.
  10. Plastic waste management.

Political Science Dissertation Topics

  1. Development of managerial abilities in the civil service system.
  2. Internet technologies in the electoral process in the United States.
  3. Features of the evolutionary development of technologies of color revolutions at the present stage.
  4. Threats to EU security in the middle of an argument between the US and Russia.
  5. The role of soft power in US foreign policy.
  6. Characteristic features of the political systems of modern unrecognized states.
  7. The problem of meritocracy and democracy in the political intelligence talk of modern China.
  8. Priorities of state cultural policy in the field of project management.
  9. Approaches to the analysis of the international mega-projects effect on the development of interstate relations.
  10. Symbolic politics in modern information warfare.

Science Dissertation Ideas

  1. Free radical processes in the brain during hypothermia.
  2. Is behavior controlled or affected by genetics and to what level?
  3. Research the use of cesium in solar panels.
  4. Look into stem cell mobilization and its mechanisms.
  5. A look at methods of improving risk factors post-stroke.
  6. Space robotics: Can we design robots capable of exploring space?
  7. Analyze the poisonous quality levels of inhaled nanoparticles.
  8. Dependence of the growth and development of yeast fungi on different physical and chemical factors.
  9. The time in the history of supercapacitors: are we ending the use of batteries?
  10. Monitoring drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  11. Free radical homeostasis of experimental animals under stress.
  12. Bacterial injections for the treatment of cancer tumors.
  13. The influence and importance of IT in the field of biomedicine.
  14. An in-depth look at the factors affecting the decline of the immune system with age.
  15. The effect of pesticides on soil microorganisms.
  16. Study the use of AI in archeology.
  17. Nanotechnologies in drug delivery:
  18. Structural features of actinomycete
  19. The usefulness of nanotechnology in curing some types of cancer.
  20. Ethics of organ donations and transplantation.

Sociology Dissertation Topics

  1. Social services for old people.
  2. Factors and tools for increasing the social responsibility of bloggers.
  3. Affirmative action and its effect on the perception of varied racial groups.
  4. Research the changes in education after World War II.
  5. The effect of capitalism on one’s social values.
  6. How does capitalism benefit society across many post-soviet countries?
  7. Research the preservation of culture in American immigrant families.
  8. People with HIV, have ways to destigmatize.
  9. The influence of the visual environment on the social well-being of citizens.
  10. The Black Lives Matter movement’s immediate effect on racism.
  11. Discuss the impacts of cultural invasion from immigrants on the UK’s indigenous values, norms, and beliefs
  12. Assessment of the way Max Weber’s methodological ideas can describe the concepts and principles relevant for present-day cultural developments
  13. Argue whether the ideas of whole groups in society mentioned by Durkheim, and later by the Durkheim school, are used for constructing a view of the modern culture and society
  14. Examine the structure and impact of counseling and social guidance in primary schools
  15. What are the dimensions and types of cultural shock that a foreigner from Asia or the United States can have?
  16. Analyze the impact of cultural lags on a developed country’s society.

Media Dissertation Topics

  1. Explain the impact of freedom of speech on media.
  2. How to secure the information sources in the media.
  3. Write about the application of social theories in media studies.
  4. Compare the media culture of the UK and the US.
  5. Write about the Copyright infringement in digital media.
  6. Analyze the uncontrolled dangers of digital media.
  7. Study the political economy of media studies.
  8. Describe the functions of media sociology.
  9. Explore digital multimedia.
  10. Comprehensive analysis of a famous culture in the media

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