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    If you decide to do your major in stereochemistry then you need to learn all about it as early as possible and learn to keep the information in mind by practicing and writing instead of just learning if you can understand the substance of the content then you can write it in your own words but using the correct terms moreover you need to have a good hold of chemistry to ace in stereochemistry. No one will say that college life is a walk in the park it is more of a path full of hurdles and obstacles and there will be very few cases where you are appreciated or encouraged. Moreover, you need to figure out a way to survive your college days and achieve your dreams for that if you need you can consult with an expert from stereochemistry assignment help services in the USA.

    What is stereochemistry?

    When you consult our experts for stereochemistry assignment help, they first explain to you what stereo chemistry is which is a branch of chemistry that consists of studying the different spatial arrangements of atoms in molecules. It is a proper representation of a particular field of science and technology that usually needs a short preliminary excursion into history. Stereochemistry or chemistry of space is about the spatial arrangement of atoms and groups in a molecule.

    What are the core topics that our stereochemistry assignment help services in the USA cover?

    Our stereochemistry assignment helpers have dealt with a diverse range of topics. Our experts have the experience and capability to compose any assignment on any given topic so when you ask for stereochemistry homework help or assistance in other papers we never back down. Here are a few topics that can give you a brief idea about the kind of work we do.

    • Extract plant oil and study its properties.
    • Observe what happens if you dye wool with different colors.
    • Learn how to make a solution change color.
    • Determine the amount of caffeine in various sorts of tea.
    • How do you produce biogas or liquid from organic waste?
    • Analyze the contents of your toothpaste. Can you find any health hazards?
    • Make a water filter from scratch.
    • Why does lemon juice stop apples from browning?
    • Make a safe smoke bomb.
    • Document the process of growing crystals.
    • Identify the pollutants in the air around you.
    • What makes a flame change color?
    • Biometric technologies: how do they work?
    • Study invisible ink. What makes it disappear?
    • Wine: how do its chemical compounds relate to its taste?
    • Emulsions: how to make and break them.
    • Compare the effectiveness of different vegetable oils in biodiesel manufacturing.
    • Assess the residue of pesticides in vegetables from various markets.
    • Measure the density of soft drinks. How does sugar affect it?
    • Conductivity: what types of solutions are the best electrical conduits?
    • Food and science: how much energy do nuts and chips produce when burned?

    What are the different types of stereoisomers as explained by our stereochemistry assignment helpers?

    There are different types of stereoisomers that a professional use to perform their duties. Students should know about these instruments to understand what they are and how they are used.

    • Atropisomerism : Atropisomerisms are a type of stereoisomer that is the result of hindering the rotation of 1 or more single bonds. This can be seen in those cases where many drugs are used.
    • Cis-trans isomerism : Cis-trans isomerism share the same atoms which are linked with one another in the same way but differ when it comes to configuration. This can be seen in the case of alkenes and complexes.
    • Conformational isomerism : Conformational isomerism is another type of stereoisomer where isomers are converted by formally single-bond rotations. Be found in single-bonded systems such as alkenes.
    • Diastereomers : Diastereomers are another type of stereoisomers that are optically active isomers but they are not enantiomers.
    • Enantiomers : This is another pair of optical isomers but this does not have superimposable on their mirror image. What is new here is chirality and it is one of the main criteria.

    Importance of Stereochemistry – Thalidomide disaster

    Before you pursue stereochemistry or begin to understand its various aspects you need to understand first its importance because without that you will not be able to have a clear vision.

    • Stereochemistry describes that the Three-dimensional space of the arrangement of the atoms place a major role in the properties of the molecule.
    • Students can check the significance of stereochemistry in the example of the thalidomide disaster that hit Germany in the year 1957. The drug thalidomide used to be sold over the counter because it was originally used for handling nausea. Pregnant women used to consume this drug for managing their morning sickness.
    • Later it was discovered that the drug had to go through a process called racemization and a mixture of enantiomers was found in the body because of the metabolism process.
    • One of these enantiomers is believed by experts that it is a cause for genetic damage when the process of embryo development is ongoing and babies who are born after consuming thalidomide have defects.
    • The report says that there is data which states that more than 5000 babies were born with a deformity in their leagues after consumption of thalidomide that was commercially sold and anyone can get the medicine over the counter.
    • This thalidomide disaster is crucial for understanding the importance of stereochemistry.

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    Frequently asked questions- stereochemistry assignment help

    What is the difference between diastereomers and enantiomers?

    Enantiomers have non-superimposable, chiral centers and mirror images and it only comes in pairs. On the other hand, diastereomers are non-superimposable but they are not mirror images.

    Can I pay someone to do my stereochemistry assignment help?

    Yes, you can connect with our expert supervised stereochemistry assignment help at the best price.

    Is it possible to get the stereochemistry assignment held even at the shortest deadline?

    Of course, you can receive solutions for stereochemistry assignments, and that too without compromising the quality of the solution.

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