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    When you are studying to become a doctor or a nurse you will have to deal with several subjects like COPD nursing. Some students look for online writing services that offer COPD nursing assignment help because it is convenient to seek help from experts who have wide knowledge about the subject. COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease it is a disease that injures the lungs over a long period.

    If people notice it begins with mild symptoms which everyone ignores and when it gets worse people seek treatment. Students get frustrated and anxious because for a beginner everything is out of their comfort zone and they do not know how to remember everything. Our online COPD nursing assignment help services offer all types of academic help on more than 100 subjects to make life easier for students.

    What is COPD?

    COPD is a chronic obstructive disease which is basically a number of lung diseases. Most patients have chronic bronchitis and emphysema must seek proper treatment to keep the diseases under check. Our COPD nursing assignment experts explain that emphysema is a disease that gradually damages the air sacs of the lungs and creates problems in the outward airflow.

    While bronchitis is a disease that causes swelling and tapering of the bronchial pipes which leads to the accumulation of mucus. If COPD is left untreated it will progress rapidly and various heart and respiratory diseases will worsen.

    Symptoms of COPD as described by our COPD nursing assignment helpers

    COPD is one of the diseases that make breathing harder. While the symptoms may not sound serious at the beginning but as soon as it progresses it becomes quite challenging to breathe. Early symptoms of COPD include shortness of breath and irregular coughing. Our COPD nursing assignment helpers explain the early and worse symptoms of COPD in the below points.

    • Early symptoms of COPD : People often confuse COPD symptoms with a common cold which makes it difficult to recognize, early symptoms consist of :
      • Shortness of breath after exercise
      • You often feel like you have to clear your throat mainly after waking up in the morning
      • Mild but regular cough
    • Worsening symptoms : When the symptoms are left untreated, they keep getting worse and the lungs are more damaged, here are some worse-case symptoms:
      • Lack of energy,
      • Chronic cough
      • Tightness of chest
      • Shortness of breath starting from walking a flight of stairs to light exercise

    COPD nursing assignment helpers state the causes of COPD

    Those who think that if you are not a regular smoker it won’t affect your health much. Then they need to educate themselves about the adverse effect of smoking tobacco in any form. COPD generally happens to people who are in their 40s and have a history of smoking.

    Apart from smoking cigarettes if one smokes a cigar, pipe, or secondhand smoke all these causes COPD. Additionally, those already suffering from asthma have an even higher risk of getting COPD. Nursing students who are pursuing their degree might get a topic on the causes of COPD for that they can ask for COPD nursing assignment help services in the USA.

    Apart from all the above-mentioned causes, there are some more reasons why people develop COPD like if they are exposed to pollution for a long time or chemicals and gases.

    Diagnosis of COPD as mentioned by our COPD nursing assignment help experts

    When it comes to diagnosing COPD there is one specific test but a doctor can give a diagnosis after understanding the symptoms and getting diagnostic results along with a physical exam of the patient.

    You have to explain all the symptoms clearly to the doctor if you want to get treated. The following points can help you understand if you are experiencing any of them.

    • State if you are a smoker or have smoked before
    • If there is a family history of COPD
    • Explain if you are exposed to harmful fumes and chemicals at work
    • If you have taken any over-the-counter medications

    COPD nursing assignment help services discuss the tests and exams for COPD

    According to our online assignment help experts, there are several tests and exams that doctors recommend to people when they perform physical exams. They use a stethoscope to listen to the breathing and understand the condition of the lungs. Doctors often suggest patients get the test done so that the doctor can get a bigger picture of the conditions to decide on the treatment plan.

    • An arterial blood gas test : A blood sample is taken from an artery to understand the blood oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other levels.
    • Spirometry : A noninvasive test that allows doctors to check the functioning of the lungs. In the process of this step, the patient has to take a deep breath and blow into a tube that is attached to a spirometer.
    • Imaging test : The next one is similar to a CT scan or X-ray. This test allows us to take images of the lungs and allows doctors to have a better look at the heart, lungs, and blood vessels.

    COPD nursing assignments help online experts share the treatment of COPD

    When you write an assignment about the treatment plan of COPD patients get a COPD nursing assignment help to compose a winning paper. A healthcare team consists of various doctors including a lung specialist who can suggest a number of treatments like the following :

    • Oxygen therapy : One of the ways to treat COPD as doctors prefer is oxygen therapy which is basically checking the oxygen level in the bloodstream. If the oxygen is too low then supplementary oxygen is provided using a nasal cannula or mask which allows a patient to breathe better.
    • Surgery : The most popular form of surgery is emphysema which is to treat severe cases of COPD. Another is bullectomy which is used for removing abnormal air spaces or bullae from the lungs.

    COPD nursing assignment help services- Medications for treating COPD

    When it comes to medicines it takes a bit of time and experimentation to figure out which medicine is going to work and the dosage. Here are some potential options :

    • Inhaled bronchodilators :
    • There are some medications known as bronchodilators which are used to tighten the muscle in the airway. These medications cannot be taken directly so nebulizers or inhalers are used.

      Doctors recommend short-acting bronchodilators that work for 4-6 hours and it is only taken when required. There are long versions of bronchodilators that one can use every day and last 12 hours.

    • Corticosteroids :
    • Doctors recommend another medication which is long-acting bronchodilators and is merged with inhaled glucocorticosteroids. This medication is used for easing the swelling in the airway and dropping the production of mucus.

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